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Two issues are being covered today: A. Discovering hidden power from your totem animal, as  Indians call them in the United States and CANADA. Which animal is your TOTEM ANIMAL?

Mine is the dog. See below.


When killing a cobra, the mongoose crushes the serpent’s skull with its jaw, and then eats both the venom glands and the head, as it is immune to the poison. Symbolically, this means that the mongoose is not only strong, agile and clever enough to defeat its powerful enemy, but by eating the cobra it also takes on the very qualities which gave that enemy power. Therefore, mongoose, like cobra, confers inner sight, the ability to direct universal forces using the Law of Attraction, and other powers conferred by the serpent. The mongoose’s agility and cleverness are also qualities shared by people who have mongoose as a power animal.
But, most importantly, mongoose’s crushing jaw means that you must be very careful of what you say, and how you say it, because your words have exceptional power.
May you use mongoose’s magic wisely.

Here is a complete alphabetical list of all the Spirit Animal Totems contained on our website:

·       Afghan Hound
·       Airedale Terrier
·       Alligator
·       Ant
·       Antelope
·       Arabian Horse
·       Badger
·       Bat
·       Bear
·       Beagle
·       Beaver
·       Bee
·       Bernese Mountain Dog
·       Blackbird
·       Bloodhound
·       Blue Heron
·       Blue Jay
·       Bouvier des Flandres
·       Boxer 
·       Buffalo
·       Bulldog
·       Butterfly
·       Camel Coming Soon
·       Canada Goose
·       Caribou
·       Cassowary
·       Cat
·       Catfish
·       Chameleon
·       Cheetah
·       Chicken
·       Chihuahua
·       Chimpanzee
·       Cocker Spaniel
·       Collie
·       Coral
·       Coyote
·       Cougar
·       Crab
·       Cricket
·       Crocodile
·       Crow
·       Dachshund
·       Deer
·       Doberman Pinscher
·       Dog
·       Dolphin
·       Dove
·       Dragonfly
·       Duck
·       Dugong
·       Dung Beetle
·       Eagle
·       Elephant
·       Elk
·       Falcon
·       Finch
·       Flamingo
·       Fly
·       Fox
·       Frog
·       German Shepherd
·       Goat
·       Golden Retriever
·       Goldfinch
·       Goose
·       Gorilla
·       Giraffe
·       Grasshopper
·       Great Dane
·       Groundhog
·       Hawk
·       Hedgehog
·       Heron
·       Hippopotamus
·       Honey Bee
·       Horse
·       Hummingbird
·       Inch Worm
·       Jay
·       Jellyfish
·       Kangaroo
·       Killer Whale
·       Koala
·       Koi
·       Komodo Dragon
·       Labrador Retriever
·       Ladybug
·       Leopard
·       Lion
·       Lizard
·       Llama
·       Lobster
·       Lynx
·       Magpie
·       Manatee
·       Marmot
·       Miniature Schnauzer
·       Monkey
·       Moose
·       Mosquito
·       Moth
·       Mountain Goat
·       Mountain Lion
·       Mouse
·       Old English Sheepdog
·       Orangutan
·       Orca
·       Otter
·       Osprey
·       Ostrich
·       Owl
·       Panda
·       Parrot
·       Peacock
·       Pelican
·       Penguin
·       Pheasant
·       Platypus
·       Polar Bear
·       Pomeranian
·       Poodle
·       Porcupine
·       Prairie Dog
·       Praying Mantis
·       Pug
·       Quail
·       Quarter Horse
·       Rabbit
·       Raccoon
·       Rat
·       Raven
·       Redwing Blackbird
·       Reindeer
·       Rhinoceros
·       Robin
·       Rottweiler
·       Salamander
·       Salmon
·       Scarab Beetle
·       Schnauzer
·       Scorpion
·       Scrub Jay
·       Seal
·       Sea Lion
·       Seahorse
·       Shark
·       Shih Tzu
·       Siberian Husky
·       Skunk
·       Snake
·       Snow Goose
·       Spider
·       Squirrel
·       Stellar Jay
·       Starfish
·       Stingray
·       Swan
·       Tarantula
·       Tasmanian Devil
·       Tiger
·       Turkey
·       Turtle
·       Vulture
·       Wapiti
·       Wasp
·       Whale
·       Wolf
·       Woodchuck
·       Woodpecker
·       Yorkshire Terrier
·       Zebra

 Here is a list of all the Animal Totem Stories on our Spirit Animals Website;

·       Animal Stories
·       A Tale of Two Horses
·       Name That Horse
·       The Bear Necessities
·       The Brown Bear
·       The Crows
·       The Reluctant Bull
·       The Unhappy Race Horse

 Pages about Spirit Animal Totems;

·       Spirit Animals Totems
·       Animals as Messengers
·       Birds
·       Insects
·       Land Animals
·       Reptiles and Amphibians
·       Big Cats
·       Dog Breeds
·       Horse Breeds and Colors

Additional Spirit Animal Totem Pages;

·   Bichon-poodle Gastion

·       Contact and Comments

·       Favorite Links

B. Stagnant Waters; how is our love lives evolving after 40:
After 40, our love lives can feel a bit stagnant. We feel like there   is no flow or dymanism or any movement and we fear they’ll sink us int mud. But few of us have the courage to do much about it other than look the other way. Unfortunately, not admitting to the reality of your love life or attempting to escape from the situation won’t solve your romantic problems. It’s high time for couples in their 40s to get away from their love illusions and pull their heads out of the sand!
Work on It ceassessly, or Move on  Be brave enough to work on your relationship, or walk away from it all together. But working on a relationship to make it better takes a lot of time, emotion and effort. Are you willing to commit to that? Is your partner? Conversely, if you don’t walk away when you need to, you risk contaminating every good memory you’ve made with that person. Why drag it out when you don’t need to?
If your relationship makes you feel like there’s nothing special about you or it SUCKS, then you are stuck in the wrong place and you need to get out of it. Anyone who has the power to make you feel ordinary is too important in your life and so you need to let them go. Dealing with a lover’s indifference is one of the toughest things for my callers over 40 to handle, and making a bad thing work is not a great idea.
 Life is too Short, So Take It By the HORNS
OUR  inner spirit is always encouraging US to be happy and feel content out of  the spirit of conservation, but it is ultimately up to you if you want to stay with someone who doesn’t make you happy much. Life is too short actually to spend it with someone who sucks the happiness RIGHT out of you! So make the big change, make yourself a favour and reach out to the UNIVERSE, get your MAN waiting for YOU out there.
There’s hope for each of us though —  at any time and  age.
Someone, somewhere is looking for someone exactly like you! So don’t let fears about never finding love again keep you from leaving the person you’re with. Eventually, everything is going to be better. You will meet someone, someday, who hugs you so tight that all your broken pieces will stick back together and make you feel whole.

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