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Dear Kretek Intnl ---                              Oct. 20, 2015

am writing to apply for the open position to Kretel in Los Angeles --

is power, as we know. I have earned my PhD at UCLA in History of Trade and
Globalization. For the past 28 years I have been studying the history of metro
in France and Mexico. As well as in Los Angeles
believe my education and work experience provide me with the skills necessary
to be a successful asset to your team. 
During my doctoral studies as well as during Residency years, I gained a
thorough understanding of the management field and procedures, and I have
demonstrated excellent communication skills with supervisors, colleagues, and
general public. I was also provided with the opportunity to practice and
improve my managerial as well as research skills.

my UCLA studies, I have gained advanced knowledge of management terminology and
diverse conditions and I acquired the necessary skills for managing people.
While preparing and writing my dissertation thesis, I have not only become
acquainted with the analysis of scientific research information, but I have
also become proficient in utilizing technology (such as biotechnological
equipment and specialized database search engines) quickly and efficiently.  The writing of scientific papers and
presentation of seminars was also a highly emphasized part of the curriculum. I
discovered that I am a self-starter, disciplined, and goal-oriented individual
who thrives on working with and helping people.

am confident my background will enable me to effectively assist in management ,
researchers and travelers in Westwood. I am attaching my CV to this email. If
you are interested please let me know at the below e-mail address.

you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.



(310) 633 3676

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