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Decentralized Globalization: Free Markets, U.S. Foundations, and the Rise of Civil and Civic Society from Rockefeller's Latin America to Soros' Eastern ... en Mexico nº 31) (Spanish Edition)[Kindle Edition]

By: Olga M Lazin

reapplying for my ROYALTIES;

Case ID1693453271
Open Case: Action Needed ByAmazon
Mar 22, 2016 04:49 PM

We'll be happy to help you with your payments concern, however, I searched
for a KDP account with the email address and the email
address and I wasn't able to find any KDP account related
to any of these email addresses.

Please help us protect your account security by resending your request from
the email address associated with your KDP account.

If someone else published your book for you, you can ask them to contact us
from the email address they used to publish your book.

My KDP account is;

"Regarding getting a phone number from KDP Support, I'm afraid that we are
unable to offer phone support for every publisher inquiry. In limited
cases, we make exceptions and contact publishers over the phone, but we do
not currently offer fulltime phone support at this time. Also, for us to be
able to enable authors to get in contact with KDP Support via phone, you
must need an active KDP account and, as I mentioned, there isn't a KDP
account associated to any of the email addresses you provided.

Some Kindle specialist will be able to transfer your call directly to the
KDP Support team. If you really need to contact us via phone, you may
contact Amazon Kindle support and request to be transferred to KDP. To
contact Kindle Support, you can use this link:

I hope this information helps. Thanks for using Amazon KDP.


Swander R.


Changes to Seller Performance Metrics

Mar 9, 2016
On January 26, 2016, Amazon changed the way we calculate Order Defect Rate. Resolved claims that are denied no longer count as defects and we removed them from Order Defect Rate.Learn more about Seller Performance Measurement and Customer MetricsLearn more

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