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key ingredients for optimizing brain function - Huperzine A, L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, Phosphatidylserine, Bacopa Monnieri and Guarana, to name but a few. This unique blend provides a total fuel and boost formula for the ultimate brain food.  Costs $50.00.

b. Value:

Along with the great formula, Brainol offers real value in their package deals. Brainol extends savings of $220 if you order 6 bottles, this is an incredible, sensible, cost effective option. Positive customer feedback and testimonials demonstrate the huge numbers of satisfied customers with a 98% approval rate. This is very impressive. Consumers can feel very confident in this brain boosting product as it offers a 100% money-back guarantee. Brainol is formulated in a laboratory that is both FDA-Approved and GMP certified. This means that the company is held to very strict standards and high-quality assurance.
Of all the brain nootropics we tested, Brainol ranks the highest. Their formula has the most effective all natural ingredients and works more efficaciously than all the other products we tested. It also offers a money-back guarantee and excellent customer service. With all this going for it, it's no surprise that Brainol is the best product available for optimizing brain function and is Brain Center's #1 choice.

#2 NeuroFuse

Overall Rating: 87.30%     

Product Claims

NeuroFuse came in a close second. It had the right idea to provide the wide range of ingredients it did in their formula. They included some key ingredients including Bacopa Monnieri, Huperzine A and also included a good Vitamin B blend. We did note that they include caffeine, but it is unclear from which source this is from. They claim that this product sharpens focus and assists with memory retention.
We did note a significant warning with this product, namely that the caffeine it contains may cause a negative impact, mainly that some users may experience the jitters. Their dosage suggests that one can take up to 6 pills a day, which we felt was too many. These issues made us a little wary of the product, even though they seem to know the right ingredients to include.
We felt that NeuroFuse was pretty much on par with other similar products. We were happy to see that this supplier offers a money-back guarantee. However, we didn't really like the 14-day trial offer they promote. On the surface it seems good, however, our experience on these matters suggests that if consumers are not happy with the product, cancelling subscriptions can be a nightmare. We much prefer a simple clear money-back guarantee, it's safer for consumers.
NeuroFuse was almost there with a top quality product but we felt that there were several key elements missing. It does contain a lot of the top natural key ingredients clinically proven effective for cognitive energy enhancement. We liked the fact that their ingredients address a range of cognitive elements all within the same formula. However, the fact that their money-back guarantee is not apparent and that they are baiting customers in using a 14-day free trial offer, made us slightly wary. If they addressed these issues, we felt that this could have been a winner!

#3 OmEssentials

Overall Rating: 82.10%     

Product Claims

NeuroBrain Support from a company called - Om Essentials uses some good natural ingredients, that they claim can assist with maintaining healthy memory and brain function. NeuroBrain Support contains a good blend of ingredients, both active and inactive providing a 100% natural product. They claim that their product is vegan and vegetarian friendly as well as gluten, soy, and dairy free. This is a big plus for this product.
We felt that NeuroBrain offered a good product but the price was slightly high compared to others. Their website doesn't show a clear money-back guarantee though, which definitely reduced their rating. We found that their customer reviews were mixed and saw that some consumers did not mind paying a little more for a product that is more consumer friendly.
NeuroBrain offers several very positive elements. The ingredients are excellent quality and all natural providing active support for boosting the brain and without side effects. We like the fact they offer a product that is both vegan and vegetarian friendly, as well as being gluten, soy and dairy free. This allows many consumers to experience the benefits of this product. The fact they do not offer a clear money-back guarantee, we felt, placed them in a weaker position. Moreover, the lack of multi purchase price deals left us feeling that this was slightly expensive, as with no option to reduce the cost per bottle, consumers will be stuck paying slightly more for each bottle.

#4 Irwin Naturals

Overall Rating: 76.80%     

Product Claims

Brain Awake is produced by Irwin Naturals and is said to increase your thinking power, brain function and cognitive energy to perform various cognitive tasks more efficiently. The ingredients are natural and include some key ingredients. However, it also contained several other inactive ingredients that raised some concerns - namely, beeswax and silicone dioxide. We were not sure why these ingredients are included, and could not find any real explanation as to why they are contained within this product. That said, when we tested the ingredients in this product, they were as reported on the bottle.
We felt that the price for this product was OK but were concerned about how cheap it was on some websites. Our experience suggests that this could reflect the standard of the product, it could be that the quality of ingredients is poor and the dosage low so that they can price cut, however, this leaves consumers having to take more to reach an effective level. This can lead to all sorts of issues regarding overdosing, so for these reasons, until further testing can be carried out, we could not place this higher on our score board.
With a lack of reviews and a formulation containing some questionable ingredients that we could not find clinically proven to benefit brain boosting, together with the possibility of the product being sub standard, we placed this product in our # 4 ranking. Its redeeming features however, include the fact that they use all-natural ingredients plus, the price is cheap, if you are into taking a risk about the quality of the product.

#5 BriteFocus

Overall Rating: 72.80%     ; BRAIN SUPPLEMENTS

Product Claims

Our #5 pick is BriteSmart which the manufacturer claims has the ability to increase memory, focus, and concentration, as well as decrease stress and improve the user's overall mood. It has a long list of ingredients, which look good on the bottle, but when we actually visited each one, we were left wondering about why some of them had been included. We did like the fact that it contained Huperzine A. We felt that this was a good product, but missing some key ingredients such as a supportive vitamin blend to provide the ultimate support for the brain.
The price is $59.95, which we felt was slightly too expensive. We were unable to find a specific company guarantee but if you purchase through Amazon, then you have their own guarantee. We were unable to find any reviews for this product which left us wondering how effective it really is, which was a shame.
This product contains some good ingredients known to assist in cognitive energy enhancing. We would like to have seen some consumer reviews to better understand how effective this product really is. Overall, we felt that it would need to introduce some more effective key ingredients that have been clinically proven to addresses cognitive enhancement, to get a higher grade. Together with its lack of money back guarantee we had to place this at the bottom of our list.

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