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The mind of self control and total self awareness is the Eagle Mind. During such modern times of stress and turmoil, the human mind can become scattered and confused. Difficulty focusing and knowing what we want becomes a serious issue in daily life. Modern society is created to induce confusion by way of keeping everything moving at lightning speeds in all directions at once; keeping the individual from attaining anything too familiar and comfortable.
This Eagle Mind Course is laid out to cover, in great detail the 7 steps to attaining and reclaiming the true power of your thoughts. Using 7 specific animals and their habits, characteristics and functions in the Great Web of Life, we delve deeply into easy to understand techniques which allow us to figure out the following:
  • what is a mind energy
  • where do mind energies come from
  • how old are our mind energies
  • how many layers of mind energies do we have
  • how each of our mind energies directly relate to every layer of our existence
  • how to find all of our mind energies
  • how to work our mind energies with success
  • how to understand all our mind energies
  • how to use 7 steps in daily life to reclaim our minds and life as a whole
  • what is reality
  • how reality is controlled
  • how mind control and programming affects reality
  • how reality can change
But this course goes far beyond just mind pattern work. It also moved vastly into the reality of “Mind” and instructs how to move past the Mind into true awareness within the great consciousness beyond all form.
Within this Eagle Mind course you also learn about the core universal laws and how they relate to all life. Details on how many of them have been forgotten and why the world and human race has become what it is. You learn how to fully understand the lost universal laws and bring them back into your conscious reality.
Are you tired of being scattered and wasting energy chasing ghosts through life? Do you wish to find all aspects of your mind and come to understand how every aspect of your mind is creating all areas of your life here and beyond? Do you want to learn how to move through your mind to get to that which lies beyond? If you truly wish to reclaim the power of your mind so that you can move beyond it and learn to use that to transform and create your life, then this is the course for you! Eagle Mind, come learn to take back control of your mind, tap the infinite beyond the mind and reclaim your life.
Eagle Mind 2- Sacred Door of Freedom
In this continuation to Eagle Mind we continue the path of the mind and expand our technique base and depth of understanding not only of self but of all life. The sacred path of self exploration is ancient and the techniques presented in this class continue on because of their potency in any age of time. Eagle Mind gave you the foundation, the understanding of what life we exist in and how it directly and indirectly affects every aspect of what we perceive to be the self. You gained tools to begin the process of shedding that which is not you and rediscovering what truly is you. However, as we left the end of the first class there was a trail left open. This trail is the one we address in Eagle Mind 2 and is the Sacred Door of Freedom.
To gain access to the Sacred Door of Freedom we must first travel the Medicine Pathways that guide us to this door. There are 4 main pathways to traverse and they are:
  • Medicine Path of Air
  • Medicine Path of Water
  • Medicine Path of Earth
  • Medicine Path of Fire
Through these pathways you begin to reach beyond the conscious state of your being and enter the higher, deep and more powerful aspects of who and what you are. The connection of mind, brain, body becomes more clear through the 4 Medicine pathways and allows the energy of self to begin embracing the aspects of self most people fail to understand or even find in this day in age. Reaching into the realm of the subconscious and spiritual aspect of the self brings us to face the Medicine Door.
Also in this course we will be addressing the Great Dream and the dream pathways within that dream. The Awareness Point, is origin, function and deeper purpose will be delved into during this aspect of the course. Before moving onto the fifth element we will also get into the Outside Players that will explain the external scenario that affects the path of healing through personal mind work. And let’s not forget the Triad Mind that is discussed in detail.
Before we can ever hope to walk through that Medicine Door we must address the fifth element pathway…
Only after we journey down these paths can we gain the understanding of the fifth element before attaining the Sacred Door of Freedom. This fifth element is the Gate of Shadow and the Death Angel. Along the wisdom of these paths and through this gate we can come to into the connection that carries us into the Sacred Door of Freedom.
It is here within this course that you will continue your flight with the Eagle Mind and discover even more about your own power and evolutionary path through existence.
Eagle Mind 3- the smoke factor
You delved deeply into Eagle Mind as we discussed the 7 animals and the mind tree. We wove our understanding into the awareness of thick forests creating the global energy web and wandered the 4 sacred medicine paths. Exploring the Awareness Point, the Gate of Shadow and the Death Angel we pushed limits of mental navigation in the great expanse of existence. Oh but there is more.
It is in the last section that you will come to understand the Smoke Factor, the Outer Factor and the Impositions of the great web of existence. This information will greatly increase the effectiveness of your Eagle Mind techniques. These details are a must have to bring your Eagle Mind work to peak level!


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