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Hey Olga m,

I just wanted to check in quickly to see how you’re doing with your “How to Talk to Men” program.

The beauty of the techniques you’re learning is that all of them are “copy-and-paste” – in other words, you can apply them to your life right away to see instant results.

Wondering if that cute guy is single? Just flip to Chapter 37 and you’ll find 7 rejection-proof ways to ask him to get your answer right away.

About to go on a first date and nervous about what to say? Just flip to Chapter 9 to discover the 5 questions to ask yourself to be prepared for every conversation. He’ll be hanging on your every word!

What if you’re in a long-term relationship and you want to know if he plans on marrying you? Go right to Chapter 63 and I’ll hand you 7 pressure-free ways to bring it up.

“How to Talk to Men” meets you exactly where you are and gives you the answers you need right away so you can enjoy the outcome you want instantaneously.

I’m really interested in your feedback, so do me a favor and shoot me an email to let me know which script you try today and how it works out for you.

One other quick thing: I want to make sure that you got the 7 free bonuses I promised you.

This is just a reminder that they are available any time by going here.

One bonus I suggest you use right away is Part 1 of “Fast Track to Mr. Right”.

Since you are about to become a master communicator, you’ll soon have more men than you can count waiting to date you. “Fast Track to Mr. Right” will show you exactly what to do NEXT so you can make the most of all of the phenomenal opportunities in front of you.[How to Talk to Men] Did You Get Your Bonuses? - 

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