Love Note from Your Future Self... - - Gmail

Love Note from Your Future Self... - - Gmail: " Olga,
These past six months have been such a wild ride! I bet you would never, in a million years, have imagined that you’d be where you are now in such a short time. Right? Remember how scared you were to begin your journey? Then excited, then scared again?
You overcame your fears like a true rock star. I am so proud of you. How does it feel today, now, to be your empowered Self? To have stepped into your own unique spotlight and to now be shining so bright that others are noticing you and paying to work with you? Amazing, right?
*Sigh.* I knew you had it in you all along. You just had to decide to take that first step, remember? 

You just had to commit to saying YES to you and then it all fell into place. One thing after another… you put out your heart’s desires and the universe provided.
Now you know how to facilitate deep, personal change for yourself and for your clients. There was a time, not long ago, when you didn’t even think any change was possible, let alone deep, personal and lasting change.
Never again will you need to struggle to come up with “clever” advice that just doesn’t fly with clients. Now that you’ve tasted and tested the power of real transformation, you know it works because your clients keep coming back for more. So true!
No more doubting your skills as a coach. Now you know all too well how to model and inspire greatness in yourself and others. Now you know what it feels like, in your bones, to be a leader, a mentor, a star.
Finally you “get” what it means to be confident and earn exactly what you need to live well and to give well. You know how to have more fun, touch more lives, and leave a bigger legacy. Gone are the days of playing small. Pah. That was so not working.
You did what it takes to come out of hiding. Now you’re leading the way for your clients to do the same. This was your path to starting to contribute to an evolved, enlivened world. And now you have what it takes to go ahead and achieve that.
This was the vision I held for you all along. The vision of your absolute brightest and boldest self. The vision of an empowered YOU. Yes, Olga, you did it!

Hey, guess what? As your HCI Clarity Coach, I am your number one support right now holding this powerful vision for you, Olga. Feel free to give me a call if you want to talk more about how to make this happen.
Here’s my direct number (510) 788-0292 and here you can view my calendar if you want to make an appointment.
P.S. It just might make your day to know that HCI is giving new Become A Health Coach students $1000 OFF when you enroll by Monday, May 16th.. just three days away!

To making your dreams a reality,
Clarity Coach
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