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Keeps YOU HUMBLE; You can make big mistakes; it makes you more merciful. DON't deviate from LOVE. Have merci!

OWN IT where you got it Wrong. It is a cosmic reaction to every action. The only way to reverse this, is to attone. In AA, you feel appropriate remourse. To take 100%  responsibility; I get it . I did that wrong!!! B/c you r not at peace. 

INNER PEACE; I am at peace with it.


B. Does not feel right. You have an inner counter! 

An undoing process, the carmic consequences, but can ACTIVELY DECIDE OTHERWISE, WE OWN OUR ERRORS.

return my thinking back where u were at, the holly will respond fully to my slight INVITATION; and you see:

I MUST HAVE DECIDED WRONGLY, but i can also decide otherwise b/c i want to feel at peace. I choose hot to let him bad spirit.

Doing japanese oregami; God never turns its back on us!

Marianne Williamson » #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author:

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