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5. Reduce Risk of Colon Cancer
While high-fat diets have long been regarded as an increased risk factor for colon cancer, recent research suggests a different reality. Again, coconut products are a good source of saturated fats in the diet. Unlike what you may have heard, saturated fats are essential fatty acids that your body cannot produce on its own. Saturated fats have several health benefits themselves, including immune health, bone density and toxin protection. They also allow your body to correctly use both forms of unsaturated fats (mono and poly).
With this information in hand, scientists at the University of South Carolina conducted research to determine the influence of coconut products on the risk for colon cancer. Subjects consuming coconut showed reduced inflammation and a greatly reduced occurrence of malignant tumors in the colon. (8) This was likely due to the ability of saturated fats to maintain “intestinal barrier integrity.” Thus, coconut products may work as cancer-fighting foods, particularly in regard to colon cancer.
That may sound a bit gross, but what it actually means is that the mucosal layer on the inside of the intestinal tract is kept intact and healthy. Many factors can damage or compromise this barrier, and this often leads to various diseases, such as colon cancer. (9)
6. Promote Mental Health
The coconut tree sap used to create coconut aminos is high in the protein inositol. This handy protein has been proven to have a positive effect on those suffering from panic disorder, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and other potentially debilitating mental conditions. (101112)
In fact, inositol had an impact almost equal to that of SSRIs commonly used to treat these disorders — without the laundry list of side effects, some of which are bleeding, sexual dysfunction and suicide risk.
7. Naturally Treat Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
The significance of coconut products and their effects on adiponectin production may also resolve some insulin resistance issues. These issues are common in both patients with diabetes and those suffering from other metabolic conditions, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), the No. 1 cause of infertility in the U.S.
Are you ready for a double whammy? Do you remember that the other power protein in coconut products, inositol, positively affects mental health? Well, it’s also a robust natural treatment for PCOS. Inositol intake not only regulates insulin, like adiponectin, but also treats other conditions of PCOS, such as hyperandrogenism, irregular periods and high blood pressure. (13)

Why Can’t I Just Use Soy Sauce?

Is soy bad for you? It might interest the most avid soy sauce eaters to know that soy is not, in fact, ever a good option.
For starters, soy is the most common phytoestrogen in the Western diet.Phytoestrogens are endocrine disruptors, plant estrogens that mimic or antagonize biological estrogen. While these plant hormones can be beneficial for a small subset of women (namely, women in menopause), phytoestrogens are generally undesirable  in healthy fertile women"

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