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3 Steps To Clear The Clutter In Your Life
Hi everyone, it’s Carey Peters from Become a Health Coach, and
welcome back to Video #5 of your Orientation. And right now we
wanna talk about three steps to clear the clutter in your life, so you can
really get started in this training the right way. Um, since Become a
Health Coach is focused on helping you get healthy while helping others
do the same, um, and helping you make a great living and live a great
life, this exercise is designed to help you clear out anything that might
stand in your way of a magical experience in the Become a Health
Coach Training. This is one of our favorite exercises, and one of our
favorite exercises from our past clients and graduates, and I think you’re
going to love it too. And you can use this with your practice clients and
your paying clients in the upcoming months as well.
So this video, what you’ll discover is this really helping you get on track
emotionally, energetically, and physically for taking the next leap
forward in your life and your career. And this exercise is quick, it’s
simple, and it produces profound results. We really want to recommend
investing a few minutes after this video to complete the simple action
steps that you choose as a result of what you learn.
So the theory behind this exercise is that you have to clear out the old
before you bring in the new. It makes sense, right, if you think about
redecorating your living room, it’s really hard to put in a new couch
when you haven’t taken the old couch out. So, you have to get rid of the
old stuff before you can bring in the new stuff. So, we wanna go
through three crucial areas of your life to determine, is there any clutter
in this area that needs clearing, so I can set the stage for moving
forward? Which of these need clearing so I can create conditions for
success from the beginning of this Become a Health Coach journey.
So studies show that excess clutter, excess physical clutter, clutters the
mind. So your external world is a reflection of your internal world.
What’s cool about that is that we can reverse engineer that by cleaning
your external world, and noticing how that makes room to shift
And internal shift is so important because we’re going to want to create
space in your life now, because you're going to want to encounter new
ideas, concepts, people, opportunities that you’re going to want to
implement in your health, your life, and your career. So we want to start
creating that space now. And when you don’t focus on clearing the
clutter before a transforming experience in your life, which of course
the Become a Health Coach Training will definitely be, then you may
only get short term results that last, and I know that is not what you

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Chances are that you’re coming into the Become a Health Coach
Training because you’re willing to do whatever it takes to create the
health, the career, the income, and the lifestyle that you truly desire.
You’re willing to invest your time, your money, and your resources,
because deep inside you, you believe that there is a dream worth
fighting for.
I was actually just interviewed the other day by someone who asked me
how I was able to stay focused and on track through all the ups and
downs of my coaching career. And I answered that part of the reason I
was blew to do it was that there was a part of me, sometimes it was just
a little part, but there was a part none the less, who fervently believed
that I could do it. There was just some part of me that was like, ‘‘You can
do this.’’ Other parts of me doubted, absolutely, but that one part just
believed. And when I had trouble connecting to that belief, the other
thing that helped me create a career in coaching was investing in
mentors and teachers that could see a bigger vision for me than I could
see on myself. I always joke that the reason I was successful because I
invested in mentors and coaches who saved me from myself. And by
enrolling in the Become a Health Coach training, this is what you’re
doing too. You’ll be in a community with two powerful mentors, a group
of likeminded health geeks and nutrition freaks, and truth seekers who
will hold a bigger version for yourself than you might see for yourself
right now. People who will speak to you and call out to you, that part of
you that believes no matter how small that part is, and coax that part
out of hiding and into the spotlight.
What can happen sometimes in the course of the training is that
internally you might start to think, ‘‘Well, who am I to make money while
other people don’t?’’ Especially when you start getting your first clients
and you start raising fees, and going, ‘‘Wow, this actually works, wait a
minute, am I going to be making money? Who am I to be making money
while other people don’t? Who am I to do what I love and get paid for
helping people?’’ Or, ‘‘Who am I to go to yoga classes in the morning,
see a couple of clients, eat lunch with friends and then take the
afternoon off? Who am I to have a life this fabulous?’’ We’ve had clients
say to us, ‘‘I don’t think I deserve it, I don’t think I know enough, I don’t
think I’m ready! I don’t know if I could really be a business person. I’m
just nervous, and scared, and terrified!’’
And here is the secret I wanna share with you about these thoughts.
Most people, they think these thoughts, they feel uncomfortable, they
decide that this path must not be right for them, and they stop because
they think that having thoughts like that means that something is
wrong. But that’s 180% incorrect. Because now you now know that
actually having those thoughts is a totally normal part of the growth
process that occurs when you decide to create a life you love. When
you decide to stretch beyond the boundaries of what you’ve been told
is okay. When you decide to strike out from the pack and bring your
inner genius out into the spotlight. As a matter of fact, something is
wrong if you don’t have those thoughts. You’re actually not changing

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enough if your critter brain doesn’t get triggered and say, ‘‘Stop!’’ So
you know you’re doing something right if you’re insanely uncomfortable
and probably a lot scared. That means you’re doing something right. So
you may feel like you’re taking a flying leap without a net. Which, is why
it’s so important to create an external environment that is really
conducive to your success.
So, right now, I’m gonna ask you to make a commitment, a decision
about who you wanna be, and about how you want to live. Then I’m
going to ask you to take action on that decision. Stacey and I call this,
‘‘Creating conditions for inevitable success.’’ So from today on, I’m
asking you to operate from the place that success, whatever success
means for you, is inevitable. Let me give you an example, let’s say you
or your client wants to add exercise to her life. Maybe you love running
but you just don’t do it. So one way you might commit to running is
saying, ‘‘I’ll run twice this week.’’ But how do you know you’ll do it? Are
you really setting yourself up for success? So what if you challenged
yourself or your client and asked, ‘‘What would you need to have in
place to make sure that running twice this week is inevitable?’’ It’s a
very different framework isn’t it? ‘‘I’ll run twice this week.’’ ‘‘Oh, that’s
cool, so what do you need to have in place to make sure that running
twice this week is inevitable?’’ So if you were going to brain storm that,
maybe you need a new pair of running shoes. When will you get them?
Maybe you want your husband or your partner to put a new running
playlist on your iPod. When will you ask him or her to do that? Who
will you ask to support you and remind you that it’s time to run, and
that nothing can get in the way of that running date with yourself?
Maybe it’s your best girlfriends sending you an email or text. You need
to have your external environment, and you are going to do this for
your clients as well, and have people that are willing to stretch you so
that it becomes inevitable that you run twice that week.
This is just like when you’re building a new career, you heard the way I
was successful was about investing in mentors who would save me
form myself, mentors who would have the result I wanted so I knew that
they knew what they were doing, and were savvy enough and strong
enough to call me out when I wanted to run away and hide. Mentors
who challenged me to set up conditions in my life that made my
success inevitable.
And this is what we’re doing today. I’m challenging you to look at three
areas of your external environment and clear out the clutter so you can
make your success in Become a Health Coach and beyond inevitable.
Are you ready to start? Let’s go.
So, take out a blank piece of paper, and at the top, right ‘‘Clearing the
Clutter’’ The first area we’re going to look at is your environment, your
environment. And specifically, we want to look at your work
environment. Because your work environment will either limit or
support your success. So it’s time to clear out the old clutter and make
way for new ideas, new connections, new training and new

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opportunities that you’re going to receive in the Become a Health
Coach Training. If you think about it this way, what if you know, you
may not have any clients yet, but let’s just imagine for a moment that
you do, if a health coaching client walked into your office or your
workspace today, right now, what message would it give about you?
We wanna get to the point where our physical environment is always
giving the message about us that we want to give.
So there are five areas where you can clear clutter in particular in your
workspace or your office. Whether that’s at home, or at a job, or both,
and I’ll read through them, and of course you’ll see them on the slide
The first is clearing off your desk of paper piles, receipts, and bills,
anything that needs to be filed. The second place is removing piles of
magazines, papers, or projects from your office or closet floor. The
third place is removing piles of stuff from your bookshelves, and making
sure your books, photos, and nick knacks are neat and attractively
arranged. Another place to clear clutter in your workspace is
unsubscribing from at least five electronic newsletters that you never
seem to find the time to read. And the fifth place is to clean out your
inbox of clutter, and any messages older than two weeks.
Now, as you’re looking at these, you don’t have to do them all, in fact, I
just want you to, and I’m going to bring this slide back up in just a
second. But, I want you to just circle one action that sounds the
easiest----well, circle if you’re writing it down yourself, or, you can just
write down what is the one action that sounds the easiest. Which is
going to be, out of all of these, the easiest thing to do? I want to make
sure you have that written down somewhere in front of you. Because
that is your first action step from this video. This is the first area you’ll
clean out before Become a Health Coach officially begins.
Okay, let’s go to the second area where you can clear clutter, and that’s
support. You may have heard that who you spend time with determines
on how quickly you’ll achieve the success you desire. So, we want to
talk about four ways you can clear clutter in the area of support. Again,
you’re welcome to write this down, or you can simply listen or watch,
and then I’ll share with you how you choose one. It’s going to be a little
different than the last time.
So the first is to spend time daily with people who think big and take
consistent action, and certainly you’ll be doing that in the course of this
training. Another way to clear clutter is if people around you speak
negatively, just sort of ask them to not do that in your presence or just
dial it back a little bit. My style is to crack a joke, so I can point out a
request. Another way is to seek out and make a new friend of someone
who is in a higher income bracket so you’re inspired to leap to your next
level of success. So, who’s someone who you really admire who is
doing what you wanna be doing. How can you connect with them? This
is a good one: Think of someone who drives you nuts----maybe you find

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yourself thinking about this person like, ‘‘If he or she can just do X then I
will be happy. This person is driving me crazy, and if they would just do
this one thing, then I would relax and be happy.’’ And then you wanna
ask yourself, you wanna have a little come to Buddha moment, and say,
‘‘How much energy am I putting in to trying to control someone I can't
control or change? How much energy, how many times a day do I think
about this person changing?’’ Every time you have an urge or desire to
change or fix some other person, recenter into yourself and ask myself,
‘‘What do I need right now to help me feel happy, relaxed, fulfilled,
whatever it is you’d like to feel that has nothing to do with what anyone
else does or does not do?’’ That can sometimes be the single most,
biggest emotional clutter you can clear for yourself.
So those are the four places to clear clutter in the area of support----and
I’ll pull this slide up again in a moment, but what I want you to do is
circle or choose one action that sounds the hardest. So with your
environment you circled the action that sounded the easiest, with the
support, you are going to circle the action that sounds the hardest, and
here are the four again. So, spending time with people who think and
take consistent action, if people around you are speaking negatively
asking them not to, seeking out and making a new friend with someone
in a higher income bracket, think of someone who drives you nuts and
stop thinking about them and start asking yourself what do you need
right now that has nothing to do with them. Which one is the hardest
for you? You choose. And make sure you have that written down,
because that’s your second action step from this video today. Great.
Let’s go to the third area where you can clear clutter, and that is money.
Which, you might be thinking, ‘‘I’m surprised we're not talking about my
kitchen! Maybe we should clear clutter there! And we’ll be talking a lot
about healthy food and cleaning out your pantry, and what kinds of
food to have and what kinds of food to toss and what are the highest
quality foods. So, I wanted to focus on something different for this
orientation, because we’re going to do some amazing work on your
relationship with money in the Become a Health Coach Training,
especially in Pillar Three, which is the Personal Growth Pillar. We’ll
training you on a coaching question sequence that will help you
transform your family’s money legacy, so that you can allow more
money into your life easily and gracefully.
And the thing that’s important about this is that if you are----whether
you own your own business or you go to work for someone else, you’re
going to be in a situation where people are now paying you for your
expertise, sometimes directly. And for those of us who transition from
where we’re used to being paid by someone else or some other entity,
and now actually having someone hand you money, um, very different.
It’s a very different scenario. And so not only are we dealing with
money every day, but we’re coaching our clients around their
relationship with money especially when it comes time to talk with them
about the fees for our work. That’s a moment when your client most
needs you to be empowered, resourceful and a leader in the coaching

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situation. That’s the moment where most coaches crumble because
they don’t know, its not their fault, I mean, most health coach trainings
don’t talk about this, they don’t talk about the truth that when you go
out into the world and you’re health coaching for a living, you're a
health coach and you are also a money coach. What that means for you
to be able to coach someone powerfully around the area of money is
that you have to explore your other relationship with money.
Even if you’re not sure if you want to be a health coach full time, part
time, or even if you’re not sure at all, creating solid money habits will
help you achieve freedom in your finances. And that’s good for
everyone, that’s something usually everyone wants. Because if you’re in
this training and you love personal growth, chances are that you’re
going to want to continue personal trainings and personal growth, and
you want the financial freedom to be able to do be able to do that.
Pardon the siren going by, I’m in Downtown Chicago, and every now
and again we have to send love to whoever needed that ambulance,
we’ll all send love together. It’s actually kind of a lovely practice when
the siren goes by, it’s just an opportunity to send love, which is nice.
So, back to money, one of the reasons why we go into health coaching,
or coaching in general because we want to create an experience of
financial freedom. We can't do that by ignoring money or pretending
that it doesn’t matter or it’s not part of what this is as a career. So I
want to start working on money with you now, so that you can prepare
for money to flow toward you, but not just for more money to come to
you, but also to keep the money that you make. It’s one thing to
generate a lot of money, it’s another thing to keep it.
So, the idea with clearing clutter in this area of your life, is, what signal
are you sending to the universe about how you value money and how
you value your time. Most people wait for other people to give them
permission to value their time and to value their money. And what
we’re going to be asking you to do, in Become a Health Coach is to self- authorize. In other words, what if you could value your time and value
your relationship with money now. If you were to do that, how would
your signal to the universe about your relationship to money be
So let’s look at four really simple ways where you can start vaulting
your time and money now before you even started to make a dime
necessarily as a health coach. So that you can start sending that new
signal to the universe now, which means you’re preparing and opening
up to more money into your life. So, the four ways that you can clear
clutter and money, first you can bring all money owed to you up to
date. So you wanna jot down every person, or company, or
organization that owes you money, and the amount they owe, and
contact each of those companies or people, and find out where your
money is and when you can expect it back.

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So that’s one area to clear up some clutter and money. The second is to
use gift cards. Gather up all your old gift cards and gift certificates.
Cash them in and use them or spend them, and do it in the next seven
days. It’s actually really fun to gift card shop. The third way to clear
clutter in money is to gather loose money, gather up all your loose
change and then exchange it for bigger bills and spend it in the next
seven days. You can spend it on yourself, put it towards your
education, put it towards savings, and put it towards debt, whatever
you like. But gather up all the loose change, exchange it for bigger bills
and then put it towards something in the next seven days.
The last step is really powerful and that is to enlighten your wallet. So
take out your wallet and----we’ve done this at our live events before at
events, we have everyone take out their wallet and say, ‘‘If your wallet is
a symbol of your relationship to money, just like your office, if your
office is a symbol of how----in other words, if a health coaching client
was going to walk into your office, what would it say about you? If
someone were to look in your wallet, what would it say about your
relationship to money, and how you treat and value your money?’’ So
you wanna take out your wallet, and you wanna clear out whatever
clutter is in the wallet, whatever junk, whatever doesn’t need to be
there. Old cards, old whatever----clear it out. If your wallet is torn, worn
or shabby, replace it with one that’s new and that makes you happy. It
doesn’t have to be expensive. I get my wallets at Kohl’s.
There is a particular kind of wallet there that is the perfect size, and has
just the right amount of like, little containers and holders for all my
different cards. So, I don’t spend a lot of money necessarily, but it’s
always new looking, beautiful, I like the design, as soon as it starts to
get worn down, I go back to Kohl’s and I get a new one. So your wallet
should be cleared out, it should be clean, it shouldn’t be bursting at the
seams, it should be organized. You should know what’s in it. If you
don’t have a wallet, it’s a good time to get one, and indicate the fact to
the universe that this is an area that you’re paying attention to and
respecting, and making important.
So now that you have these options, you’re actually going to choose an
action that sounds the easiest, and you’re going to choose an action
that sounds the hardest. So you're going to choose an action that
sounds the easiest and one that sounds the hardest. So, let me go back
to that slide. You’re going to choose one money action that sounds the
easiest and one that sounds the hardest. These are your third and
fourth action steps from this video. You’re going to wanna make sure
you have those written down, and that you take a moment after this
training to do them.
And why am I asking you to circle two items in regard to money?
Because as a business owner, or someone potentially planning to be a
business owner, or someone who is planning to be interacting with
money, it is time to get in touch with your relationship with money. So

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we’re going to put more attention here than even our physical
environment or our support.
Because here is something you’ll notice about the Become a Health
Coach Training, you’ll be working on your relationship to food, body,
health, and to money. Why are you working on all those relationship?
Because how you do one thing is how you do everything. You’ll notice,
especially as we get into Pillar Three of the training, you’ll see that
people’s health and their money are not all that separate. It seems like
two distinct things, but it’s not all that different because how you do
one thing is how you do everything. And this is a relationship that the
more you understand and embrace the more powerful of a coach you’ll
be for your clients. And for you, as a coach, or as a person who lives in
the world that runs on money, it is important for you to pay attention to
it whether you’re going to ever have your own business or not. Because
if you don’t pay attention to money, it will get your attention, and
probably not in a way you like.
So, I wanna take this opportunity to clear this clutter now, before the
official training begins, and the time you invest in these four action
steps you’ve chosen, will repay you many times over in your new
learning, your new career, your new higher income, your new
confidence, increased self-esteem... all helping you to understand and
appreciate, and to stand up for your value so you can fully step into this
new path and into your spotlight.
So I’m so curious, let us know in the comments below which clear the
clutter action steps did you choose, which of the four action steps,
which is the step around your physical environment, which is the step
around support, and then which two steps did you choose around
money. And leave a comment below, and let us know, we can't wait to
hear. Great job everyone!
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