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Ultima actualizare: 17 Aprilie, 2008 - Published 14:05 GMT
S-a deschis primul hotel exclusiv pentru femei
Hotel în Riyadh
Primul hotel exclusiv pentru femei s-a deschis în Riyadh, capitala Arabiei Saudite. Corespondentul nostru pe probleme religioase, Frances Harrison, explică mai jos că hotelurile şi mijloacele de transport dedicate exclusiv femeilor reprezintă o nouă modă în întreaga lume.
Ascultaţi povestea
The executive director of the Luthan Hotel and Spa says the response to the idea of a women-only hotel has been overwhelming.
The hotel has twenty-five rooms and offers round the clock services to guests. There's a pool and spa, with yoga and fitness classes, which the hotel hopes will attract women on business trips and well as expatriates from the nearby diplomatic quarter and local women coming for fun.
This is the first spa hotel available to women all the time, pools in other hotels are only open to women on certain fixed days or hours. And in a country where women are required by law to cover themselves in Islamic dress when in public it's a huge bonus that inside the hotel they can move around uncovered as if they were at home. As the manager put it, it's like being anywhere else in the world.
Saudi tourism officials who attended the launch of the hotel have encouraged other women to invest in similar hotels across the Kingdom. Women-only hotels already exist in America, Berlin and the former Yugoslavia. And Britain, for example, has a hotel offering a floor exclusively for women while Tehran and Bombay have women only taxi services.
Frances Harrison, BBC Religious Affairs reporter
Ascultaţi cuvintele
has been overwhelming
a fost copleşitoare, mult mai pozitivă decât ne aşteptam
round the clock
24 de ore din 24
expatriaţi, cetăţeni ai altor state care locuiesc în Arabia Saudită
diplomatic quarter
cartierul/zona unde se află multe ambasade şi consulate, precum şi casele celor care lucrează pentru ambasadele ţărilor respective
spa hotel
un hotel care oferă şi tratamente de înfrumuseţare
required by law 
impus prin lege
a huge bonus
un avantaj imens
put it
a explicat în acest fel
who attended the launch 
care erau prezenţi la deschiderea / lansarea respectivă
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