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In this essay I am comparing the four approaches to recovery form alcoholism, approaches that I have been living, and highlight what does each do: one is the Hospital experience, the second is the Morgue experience, the High Gain Project, and finally the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. I have learned form all of them on how alcoholism must be viewed from all of these vantage points, as we all seek to find a solution to the terrible societal problems caused by the excessive use of alcohol and other drugs. I first thought the Hospital experience was excellent, as we were exposed to the brain bio-chemistry of neuro-transmitters as Glutamine and Gaba. These two major neurotransmitters get more affected by alcohol use, and and over-abundance of Gaba will slow our motor abilities, when drinking too much. The consequences were horrific, and the Nurse, Troy, aptly demonstrated how these were linked to alcohol and drugs usage. The second Program, the Morgue, at first I thought thought it…


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