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Messaging | LinkedIn: "Alexandra Rynne

Alexandra Rynne Content Marketing on LinkedIn Dear Dr Olga, Your new plan for driving awareness and revenue on LinkedIn has arrived.

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No matter what your goals are - brand awareness, thought leadership, or lead generation - this plan will set you down the right path. Let’s dive in, shall we? The 1st  industrial city in…

Down Payment on Book Publishing at OutskirtsPress Self Publishing

Down Payment on Book Publishing at OutskirtsPress Self Publishing:

As Seen Home>>Down Payment on Book Publishing Monday, December 14 Select Your Custom Publishing Service

OUTSKIRTS PRESS; It's Too Early to Give Up on LA (At Least LA Transportation)

It's Too Early to Give Up on LA (At Least LA Transportation):

It's Too Early to Give Up on LA (At Least LA Transportation)

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15 Dec 2015

Written by Ken Alpern

TRANSPORTATION POLITICS--While it's not wrong to complain--vigorously and harshly, if so indicated--about City politics and how Downtown tends to smash the middle class (particularly families with small children) and crush the taxpayers, it's also unfair to ignore things when our leaders get it right.

Yes, Downtown treats taxpayers like ATM machines.  Yes, City public sector unions treat taxpayers and ratepayers like lower life forms.  Yes, many Councilmembers deserve to be thrown out of office.

And yes, too many of us are so used to Downtown corruption that we tolerate it and take it for granted...and vote in the same crooked gangsters and thugs when they really deserve to spend time outside of public office (or in jail).

But there are times that the voters get listened to, and there are times when…