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EU-Ukraine free-trade accord goes into effect despite Moscow’s opposition |

NEW TRADE ACCORD: EU-Ukraine free-trade accord goes into effect despite Moscow’s opposition |

EU-Ukraine free-trade accord goes into effect despite Moscow’s opposition Ukraine’s free-trade deal with the EU went into effect Friday, coinciding with the start of Moscow’s food embargo against Kiev that will force the impoverished former Soviet republic to revisit its economic model. The free-trade accord is part of the broader EU Association Agreement — signed at the end of June 2014 — and stands at the heart of the drastic deterioration of Ukraine’s relations with Russia, furious at seeing its Soviet-era satellite turn to the West. Ukraine, whose market has been traditionally oriented toward Russia, will now have to turn itself toward the European market and abide by its rules. “The agreement will contribute to the modernization and diversification of the Ukrainian economy and will create additional incentives for reform,” the European Commission said in a statement on Thursd…

RETEAU LITERARA NING; Invitatie de membri noi

Va invit cu drag sa va alaturati la reteaua extraordinara de scriitori Romani noi, de pretutindeni:

Visit reţeaua literară
Superbe discutii, brainstorming, nuvele, romane, schite. Adauga scriiturile tale! Credem in geniul scriitoricesc, si setea de a citi zilnic!

Inventors Offer Valuable Solutions, Like Mark BARRON - Rancho Santa Fe Magazine - Rancho Santa Fe Magazine

Inventors Offer Valuable Solutions - Rancho Santa Fe Magazine - Rancho Santa Fe Magazine:

Mark B. Barron ; I met him today in the park, HOLMBY PARK

Hyperconnected Gun Safe which is designed to curb the nation’s gun violence epidemic by encouraging responsible gun ownership, while giving law enforcement a way to more easily enforce existing gun laws. While Barron favors gun control, he is also a pragmatist, explaining “the Second Amendment isn’t going anywhere. So we have to shift the focus from gun restrictions to putting the burden of responsibility on gun owners. The more guns people have, the more responsibility they have to have.” Says Mark B. Barron. Hyperconnected Gun Safe is an affordable, mounted, armed, internet-connected gun clip which gun owners can secure and keep tabs on their firearms, from any location and this is how it works. Each gun is assigned by serial number to a holder, whose electronic sensor lets the system know when that gun has been removed Features interior and…

San Clemente: Consciousness expansion, write a best-selling book to improve your life. Question relationships

In San Clemente::

From childhood, 70% of the believes are not empowered; exercise, meditate. Massage helps me rise my vibration.

My believes are my hardware; get a faster processor.

My software (innovate new models, and accelerate my performance in the world). Learn new tools, start a business, a mission, turn on YOUR intuition.

 At UCLA, it was $50 an HOUR, so you are getting it via coaching from me.

Take a step to the next level of human performance.

I look forward to seeing you at the school of the extraordinary!!!

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Fa un Singur Lucru Incepand cu Dimineata , inainte de a minca (doar peste o jumatate de ora.) Urmatoare Pentru a Elimina Toxinele si Pentru a Pierde in Greutate Intr-un Timp Foarte Scurt!



VAV MEM BET: Trei cuvinte antice care purifica apa si o aduc in starea ei divina, originala

Secretele: Trei cuvinte antice care purifica apa si o aduc in starea ei divina, originala:

VAV MEM BET, care are puterea sa readuca apa la starea ei Divina, originala. Decizia autorului de a dezvalui puterea acestui nume sacru, care in mod normal este dezvaluit numai studentilor Esenieni, este bazata pe crizele mondiale spirituale si de poluare fizica.
Aceasta este o mantra puternica folosita pentru a reechilibra apa. Cu cat foloseste mai multa lume aceasta rugaciune, cu atat avem mai multe sanse sa cream un camp morfic de sfintenie care va purta puterea apei prin Natura si va rezona in fiecare fiinta vie. Desi cabalistii au o rugaciune anume spusa deasupra apei pentru a o energiza, orice cuvant plin de iubire va avea acelasi efect.
Acest lucru este valabil si cu mancarea. Mancarea vie contine apa structurata, care poate pastra cel mai bine vibratia rugaciunii, in timp de hrana gatita este deshidratata si orice apa ramane dupa gatit este dezorganizata de caldura. Asa ca binecuvanteaza ap…