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How to Use Moco de Gorila - YouTube

Frankincense And Pure Tranquility on empowr


Frankincense has long been considered a most holy and precious oil. It is carefully extracted from the resin of the Boswellia carterii tree. Frankincense essential oil’s intrinsic value is based on its broad uses and benefits, which date back to early Egyptian accounts; that value remains today, as Frankincense continues to be highly sought after, studied, and employed by health-conscious consumers and practitioners worldwide.


Boswellia carterii essential oil has a fresh, warm and terpene top note with a rich, sweet balsamic undertone. When inhaled, it sends messages to the brain’s limbic system, which controls functions such as emotion, behavior, motivation and long-term memory; in other words, Frankincense oil can be used to ease stress and enhance your mood. It is also used to nourish skin because of its natural anti-aging and cell-nourishing properties.


Boswellia carterii essential oil has a fresh, warm and terpene top note w…

Cover letter job application - YouTube

Cover letter job application - YouTube: ""


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Alex P Veganism: Healthy, Kind, Climate & Forest Friendly 12h Chart shows that the higher the percentage of unrefined vegan food in the diet, the lower the heart disease and cancer, with a 7 factor difference between Thailand and America. Thailand eats 7 times more unrefined plant foods and gets 7 times less heart disease and cancer, even though Thailand GDP per capita is just 16K versus 56K for America. GDP per capita of Laos is 10% of USA and they got 16 times less heart disease and cancer, eating about 9 times more unrefined plant foods than America.

It used to be the guidelines called for 100 grams of protein daily, then it got moved to about 50. Dental fillings were made of lead, quinone, a poison, was medicine. Science changes. Baby grows fast and human milk has very little protein 1%. Most people in industrialized countries eat too much protein. I…