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WWII And The United States Unease; Eduard Khan Phoenix,AZ Contact information

Eduard Khan Phoenix,AZ Contact information: "Eduard Khan
Address: 1718 w colter st unit 170
Phoenix,AZ 85015"

By George Friedman We are at the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe. That victory did not usher in an era of universal peace. Rather, it introduced a new constellation of powers and a complex balance among them. Europe's great powers and empires declined, and the United States and the Soviet Union replaced them, performing an old dance to new musical instruments. Technology, geopolitics' companion, evolved dramatically as nuclear weapons, satellites and the microchip — among myriad wonders and horrors — changed not only the rules of war but also the circumstances under which war was possible. But one thing remained constant: Geopolitics, technology and war remained inseparable comrades. It is easy to say what World War II did not change, but what it did change is also important. The first thing that leaps to mind is the manner in which World…

Corruption Watch; Westwood; Englander Watch: Quid Pro Quo. Pay-to-Play. No Matter the Name, It Still Stinks

Englander Watch: Quid Pro Quo. Pay-to-Play. No Matter the Name, It Still Stinks:

For information about hiring solutions that involve Government Contracts, please contact:(310) 750-3400

CORRUPTION WATCH--I fear that today's shocking revelation in the Los Angeles Times about Mitchell Englander flying down to Arizona with a staff member for a Taser fundraiser, concurrent to the company seeking a major body worn video contract with our city, may be the tip of an iceberg. First of all it's not okay.  Regardless of the contorted logic and twisted thinking that the downtown lobbyists and their pack of lawyers will put forward, it is still not okay.   As for the council members who will come out to defend or may feel sympathy for Mr. Englander (photo), claiming that the disclosure requirements were too confusing, we ought to demand, as some of us have, that the Ethics ordinance be rewritten, immediately    And without any disrespect intended for Common Cause…

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 Make sure everyone pays for their lessons online, and if your student needs help, we're ready at Teach on, wise one!

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PAY by Lessons Taught, 90


You get paid for lessons marked as...Attended Missed All of the above  RequiredWhen your student gives you plenty of notice that they need to skip a lesson, you should...Cancel the lesson Reschedule the lesson (if you already know when they want to make up the lesson) Either of the above since both are good choices!
For the first 5 lessons, you'll earn 60% of the student's lesson price, for lessons 6-10 you'll earn 70% of the lesson price, for lessons 11-15 you'll earn 80% of the lesson price, and for lessons 16+ you'll earn 90% of the lesson price.

Taking Attendance; Answer Within 48 Hours,


Taking Attendance;

Learning the Ropes Remember to call roll... Roll call! Don't forget to mark attendance... As you teach your students and help them gain awesome new skills, remember to mark attendance through your account. You will be paid for all lessons you mark attended (or missed). Marking a lesson missed means the student did not show up for the lesson or didn't give you at least 24 hours notice of a cancellation. You'll still get paid for lessons marked as missed and your student will not be able to reschedule or make-up that lesson.If your student gives you plenty of notice about skipping a lesson, simply use the gear icon to Cancel or Reschedule the lesson. My Dashboard Subjects  I Am teaching:

Hi, everyone!
For those of you who don't know, I teach American Language and History lessons in my spare time. I'm writing to you to let you know I just set up an online profile to get connected with more new students in our area. If you're interested in learning American Language and History, I hope you'll check out my profile (below) and maybe even book some lessons with me! If you're not interested in American Language and Literature, and History lessons but know someone who might be, would you do me a favor and forward this message to them? I'm always looking for new students and I would really appreciate it!
Book lessons here: http://www.TakeLessons/profile/olgamlazin

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