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The Only High-Speed ‘Rail’ We're Seeing In California Is the Railing of the Opposition; The CAHSR PROJECT

The Only High-Speed ‘Rail’ We're Seeing In California Is the Railing of the Opposition: "t CAHSR project.  "

t CAHSR project.  written by Mr. Alpern;

GETTING THERE FROM HERE-Painful as it might be for Governor Brown to admit, and to confront, there is no shortage of bipartisan sentiment opposing the High-Speed Rail he's lionized for decades.   The majority of Californians arguably DO want high-speed rail in some shape or form, but after the perceived baiting/switching of those who crafted the original initiative, those still supporting the current high-speed rail plan will have some serious uphill climbing to make it a reality. It's easy to presume that the opposition to the California High-Speed Rail (CAHSR) Plan is merely partisan in nature, but Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and other Democratic leaders running to replace Brown in 2018 will likely put this plan on hold or, more likely, modify it greatly to slow it down and make it more affordable. The GOP-led Hou…

Youth Policy Institute » Join the Team ACADEMIC ADVISOR tel for YOGA

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My name is Olga Lazin Andrei and I  have earned my PhD at UCLA in History & Education. I am currently UCLA Visiting Prof in the school of Education and Information studies at UCLA. I also earned  an MA in Latin American Studies at UCLA in 1995. A prolific writer, I have published 3 books on  positive and negative aspects of Globalization and its effects on youth in the major cities of the Unite States, especially in Los Angeles, California:

 I speak other 8 languages, which allows me to perform at optimal levels in my researching sills, having to deal with multi-lingual and multi-cultural, and racially divers  students. I am also an education specialist, since affiliated with UCLA Department of Education and Information Studies for the past 3 years. My specialty is  Immigrant & Ethnic Los Angeles. I  had been working for a nont-for-private-profit  as  Director for Research and Developm…


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