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Avoid Caries, masca contra cariilor; Olga Lazin

(16) Olga Lazin:

Masca  ulei de cocos, ulei cuisoare si turmeric, pentru dinti stralucitori 


¼ lingurita de ulei de cocos 

2 picaturi de ulei esential de cuisoare 

¼ lingurita de pudra de turmeric 

Un strop de sare de mare (optional) 


Iata ce trebuie sa faci - trebuie sa amesteci toate ingredientele mai sus mentionate, intr-un castron. Apoi, solutia trebuie aplicata pe dantura. Trebuie sa iti perii dintii, in mod normal, timp de 2-3 minute. La final, clateste bine cu apa calduta. 

Albeste-ti dintii cu menta si bicarbonat 


1 picatura de ulei esential de menta 

½ lingurita de bicarbonat de sodiu 

4-5 picaturi de suc de lamaie 

¼ lingurita de praf de menta (optional) 


Iata ce trebuie sa faci - pune toate ingredientele mai sus mentionate intr-un castron mic si amesteca-le. Aplica amestecul obtinut pe periuta de dinti si spala-te. Lasa-l sa actioneze timp de 3 minute, iar apoi scuipa-l si spala-ti dantura in mod obisnuit. 

Carbune activ, argila si …

Sobering Comments; Bill Maher; Photo - Google Photos

Do we need Primal Sleep?


PLUS: Brain Entrainment Audio Technology If you’ve ever tried meditating, you likely know it takes a LOT of focused effort to calm your mind and enjoy the relaxing, stress-busting benefits.

Now, you don’t have to be a Zen master to get the same results.

Brain entrainment audios have been a huge breakthrough for me. I just push play an hour or two before bed and it lays the foundation for deep, refreshing sleep automatically.

And I also found different audios work for different states of mind. That’s why I’ve put together a collection of tracks for you to ease you through the night, no matter WHAT kind of a day you’ve had.

You get…

Audio 1: Primal Sleep (Delta)(30 MINUTES) ($37 Value)Want to fall asleep fast and sleep deeply all the way through the night?Primal Sleep promotes Delta wave production in the brain, assisting in slowing your brainwaves down and paving the way for deeper, longer, more restful sleep. Listen to Primal Sleep up to 2-hours…

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Five VISUALIZATION Techniques; Sign-in & security

& security:

It's one of these classic "eternal" questions... 
How to keep one's energy under control?
Because - let's face it - you might be doing your very best and still... 
Now and again it will just slip.
This is when you feel like you're scattered all over the place.
You struggle to make decisions.
And creativity? Focus? Don't even go there, we've all gone through this at one point or another.
Including Jeffrey Allen.
An engineer by trade and energy healer at heart, Jeffrey has helped thousands combine their intellect and intuition to change their momentum...
And - effectively - to totally change the quality of their every-day life.
In this infographic , Jeffrey explains 5 simple techniques (that he uses himself on a daily basis) to channel your creativity, stay focused, grounded and make better decisions... 
Even when your day seems to be the Universe's bad joke.

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SafeLink Wireless; send in DOCUMENTS

SafeLink Wireless:

ESPAÑOL Re-CertifyThe California LifeLine Administrator will automatically send you a renewal form prior to your anniversary date. You can remain on California LifeLine by making sure you fill out and submit the renewal form by the due date. If you would like to continue your participation in California LifeLine after your anniversary date, you canRenew Online with the use of your PIN number found on your renewal form or return your completed and signed renewal form to: 

California Lifeline Program 
P.O. Box 8417 
Westminster, CA 92684-8417 

Check out the Annual Renewal Process
If you did not get the annual renewal form, please contact California Lifeline Administrator 1-877-858-7463. CLOSE

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Evryday Pictures of Us; See Photo - Google Photos

David Brinkley- Toxic Trump in Historical Perspective - - Gmail

James W. Wilkie

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March 16th, 2016, Everyday a Picture Project  Photo - Google Photos: today's picture, Olga & James W Wilkie


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Globalization and Fiscal Decentralization in Mexico & Romania

Check Out: Globalization and Fiscal Decentralization, book online:

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IMPORTANT: Failed KDP Payment - - Gmail: From: "Kindle Direct Publishing" <>

Date: Feb 17, 2016 09:30
Subject: Failed KDP Payment
To: <>


We’ve tried to make an electronic payment to your bank account for royalties related to your Amazon KDP account, but the payment was rejected due to invalid banking information.

The failed payment(s) occurred in the following marketplaces:

Amazon Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V.

We will hold your payment until you can update your banking information. Once updated, we’ll reissue your royalty payment during the next payment cycle.

To update your bank information:

1.   Log in: (In Japan,
2.   Click "(Your Name) Account" at the top right
3.   Under "Your Royalty Payments," next to your bank account, click “Edit”
4.   In the drop-down box at the top of the window, select the country where your bank account is locat…

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Globalization of
Civic Society: U. S., Mexico and Romania
Compared by Dr Olga M. Lazin
Socialism, communism,
fascism and Nazism are
all but dead now. They have failed miserably. But they have been
replaced by what is merely another more watered down form of
that may be called "interventionism." Indeed, interventionism
is the predominant economic system in the world today. Richard
M. Ebeling, “The Free Market and the Interventionist State,” Imprimis, January, 1997 “Contrary
to the doctrine of laissez-faire capitalism, in the real world there are
prolonged periods when market forces cannot self-correct in time to best serve
the common good. Resulting social instability can only be corrected by government
George Soros, Atlantic Monthly “The
Capitalist Threat,” January 1997

crisis of statism, the rise of ultra-Lib…