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Maher Bill vs. Aslan Reza: Islam Is Not Violent, People Are…

Is  The ISLAMIC STATE THE ENEMY OF THE US of A?or We Have Seen The Enemy, AND It Is USHow to unpack stereotypes: Don't take Anything Personally

"Aslan Reza is absolutely correct that Islam is not violent per se, but that it is people who are violent. History is full of violent and terrible events attributable in whole or in part to all religions. Furthermore, across all religions violence is, sadly, not relegated to history. It may even be on the rise. However, Maher is also correct to point out that in the modern day one religion stands out from the others as more prone to political distortion and violence. To borrow words from Sesame Street, one is not like the others. We can see this in the barbarism of the ‘Islamic State’ (aka ISIS/ISIL) and the Taliban."

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"Islam" is not the problem..

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Do Not GIVE Up YOUR Higher Power: Always Evaluate if things are a Good Fit For YOU

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Conditions, Prerequisites:

3) You should have at least 5 hours a week to spare most weeks, and check your emails regularly. We anticipate your level of engagement will vary due to academic pressures, so be reassured that our work ethic is highly flexible – built to accommodate student life. 4) You must have strong English language skills – as you will need to assist in editing material for the website.
ASSOCIATE FEATURES EDITOR The Features Team is always working at the cutting edge of international politics, examining, interpreting and eliciting expert opinion on new and exciting developments in scholarship. As a member of this team, you will keep up-to-date with the major developments taking place in international politics, and what the experts in this field have to say about them. Our primary focus is commissioning and editing review…

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