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Contact CityWatch List: Diablo Canyon s PG&E Real Danger

General CityWatch List: Reproducing with permission an article that alerts on the dengers of the nuclear reactors in California.  Stoicescu Ghica din Bucuresti
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Nuclear: Diablo Canyon is California’s Fukushima … Only Worse!09Sep2014 Written by Harvey Wasserman PLANET WATCH -The catastrophe at Fukushima was not an accident. It’s unfolding again in California.   The next west coast quake could easily shake the two reactors at Diablo Canyon to rubble. They are riddled with defects, can’t withstand potential seismic shocks from five major nearby fault lines, violate state water quality laws and are vulnerable to tsunamis and fire.  Diablo’s owner, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), is in deep legal and financial crisis. A 42-page report from NRC inspector Dr. Michael Peck says new fault line discoveries challenge Diablo’s “presumption of nuclear safety.” The California P…

US Mexico Foundation, Investing In Model CSOs

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Building bi-national bridgesWatch a few testimonials about USMF from Raúl  Rodríguez Barocio, José Antonio Fernández,  José Villarreal, Martha Smith and Luis Viada in the  context of the moving story of Escuela Centenario in Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato and one Mexican American who exemplifies the spirit of the U.S.- Mexico Foundation's work. The School Financed: DOLORES HIDALGO IN MEXICO: SHOOL OPENED, CIVIL SOCIETY


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