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Say Goodbye to Medical Curcumin! FDA animals BANNED

Say Goodbye to Medical Curcumin!: "Curcumin

CurcuminDespite robust clinical evidence that curcumin is safe, with superb and well demonstrated anti-inflammatory characteristics, PCAC voted to not allow curcumin onto the FDA’s bulk drug list. One of the reasons stated for voting not to include curcumin was that it could still be acquired as a dietary supplement. This entirely misses the point of compounded medications and individualized medicine! Compounded medicine is for segments of the population that have special needs and require nutrients to be delivered in specific ways—for instance, smaller pills, or gluten-free pills, or time-release capsules, or creams that are not offered commercially. Compounding pharmacies are the only way these patients can get access to the nutrients and medications they require. Stating that a substance can still be obtained in supplement form betrays what we suspected all along—that many members of PCAC do not understand what compounding is or why it …

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I have been working since 1989 with PROFMEX, a Consortium for Research for 30 years, dedicated myself to organization, coordination of Programs, seminars, and hands-on workshops and activities. My Supervisor, President can attest to my attention and consideration to the migrant students, especially from Latin America, and European extraction students at UCLA. In alliance with Migrant parents, we had set up webpages and emails for all youth particularly interested in technology use in Education, and Information studies.

All youth should became computer literate. Technological knowledge is of utmost importance/ I emphasize computer literacy skills and knowledge plus experience. I have great ideas, and got excellent evaluations. I am also a gifted communicator. I have also 30 years experience in Education, history, the Individual, the family and community involvement. Consequently I am a perfect fit for this job, and will rise the standards for our next leaders.

All days, all hours, exce…

Renunta la pasta de dinti din comert si fa-ti una acasa. Iata o reteta uimitoare | Secretele

Renunta la pasta de dinti din comert si fa-ti una acasa. Iata o reteta uimitoare |

Mai multe cercetari au indicat ca uleiul de cocos reprezinta un ingredient adecvat in albirea dintilor, avand si proprietati antibacteriale puternice.
In plus, clatirea cavitatii bucale cu ulei de cocos te ajuta sa mentii igiena gurii, sa inlaturi germenii si sa iti albesti dintii.
Reteta incredibila de pasta de dinti pregatita in casa
- 20 de picaturi de ulei de menta; - 2 linguri de sare de mare; - 2 libnguri de bicarbonat de sodiu; - 2 linguri de ulei de cocos;
Multe persoane au constatat ca aceasta pasta de dinti facuta in casa a avut un efect nemaipomenit asupra sanatatii orale. Pe langa faptul ca au beneficiat de albirea dintilor, ei au reusit sa isi protejeze gura de substantele chimice nocive.
Prepara aceasta pasta de dinti, promoveaza ecologia si simte diferenta!
Despre Autor: Calin Petru Barbulescu este autor pentru . „Iubirea este una dintre caile care duc la o eliberare spirituala complet…