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Fastest healing power in the world - DHA from - Gmail

Fastest healing power in the world - - Gmail: from Al Sears, excellent M.D.:

Polok and Asthaxatin are essential for Brain Health
It Rushes Into Your Cells When
I Add Squid Oil To Krill Combining my squid oil with krill oil gives both squid and krill the power to penetrate deeply - getting DHA into every hungry cell in your body. How does this happen? The secret - and no one else is doing this - is that my squid oil rides "piggy back" on krill oil. My krill oil is able to penetrate into spaces where DHA normally could not go, flooding every cell in your body with omega-3s and their all-important help. You could, of course, buy squid and krill oil separately, but they wouldn't be working together - partnering to gain access to your every cell - the way they do in my Ultra Omeganol. The only way to get this powerful one-two punch is with my brand new, breakthrough Ultra Omeganol. You Could Hardly Walk - Let Alone Run -
Without DHA We all worry a little about eventua…