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Spot a Narcissist - AN ABUSER -or a Psychopath on Your First Date - YouTube

Spot a Narcissist or a Psychopath on Your First Date - YouTube:


JAMES Wilkie controls me compulsively; choses films without asking me.

* interrogates me when I came back, makes jokes at my expense;

* insists on a dress code (going to dance)

* devalues me

* calls me names, and ridicules me (ma imita urat)

* "look what you made me do"

* abuses me verbally, says I am fat, then he becomes loving.


By SAM VAKNIN, great psychologist.

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Express Checkout: Accept Payments Online - PayPal:
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Psychic Asia: Who are the Archangels and What Do They Do?October 9, 2014 at 12:00 am
By Psychic Asia ext. 5486

Psychic Asia ext.5486

The Archangels are Here to Help YouArchangels are gifts from the divine and they’re here to help you! You’re not burdening them by asking for their help. Your archangels can hear your thoughts, so speak to them. They love you and want the best for you. They are like pushing the easy button for help and guidance from God. Call psychic Asia ext. 5486 to connect with your archangels. Click here to get started! Here is a list of the archangels and how they can help you improve certain areas of your life: Ariel Ariel is the helper, healer and protector of animals and the environment. Archangel Ariel cares for the Earth’s elements. Pale pink is this archangel’s energy color. Azrael Azrael is the angel of protection. Azrael helps those in sorrow and also helps those who help the sorrow-stricken. The …