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Your Daily IZEA Creator Account Summary - - Gmail

Your Daily IZEA Creator Account Summary - - Gmail: "Your referral link is:"

Shocking details from the U.S. Justice Department reveal cardiologists are actually CAUSING heart disease in otherwise healthy patients... by forcing them to take drugs, and submit to surgeries they don’t need. One of their most profitable scams is the stent, a medical tube inserted into a blocked artery to keep it open. To be clear, there are times when stents can be helpful. But details from multiple lawsuits filed in Federal court found evidence of cardiologists pushing stents on patients with little—or even no sign—of heart disease. For The Victims, It Means Injury,
Amputations, Permanent Disability, Or Death. Take the case of Ruth Minter. A working mom with five children who loved working in her flower garden, Ruth went to the hospital complaining of stomach and back pain. She was referred to cardiologist Dr. Najam Azmat who examined her kidneys and recommended…

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Live ID Protect Is Good For YOUR Credit; Alert - - Gmail

Live ID Protect Alert - - Gmail:

                                      Provided by TransUnion

LEGAL NOTICE:  By clicking on the Submit button below, you understand and agree that Live ID Protect is designed to give you notice of critical changes to your credit report that may be indicative of identity theft.  Live ID Protect provides you with Alerts of critical changes to your credit report. You understand that our monitoring and Alert system may not cover all possible changes to your credit or identity, as no service can or make that claim.  You also understand that you are solely responsible for any actions you may take based on the information you receive from Live ID Protect and we are not responsible or liable in any way.

You understand that Live ID Protect provides you with Alerts of critical changes to your credit report sent to your email(s) and/or a mobile phone that is MMS capable as you have designated. You agree to receive these Alerts and further agree…