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Resources for journalists covering University of California L A. My ALMA MATER | UCLA

Resources for journalists covering UCLA | UCLA:

Resources for journalists covering UCLAStarting page for reporters doing stories on UCLA, students, faculty or staffLast Updated July 21, 2014

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News releasesMedia advisories@UCLANewsroom About UCLAFor basic information, including profile data and statistics, visit the UCLA fast facts page. | Photos of campus Academic calendarThe 2014-2015 academic year begins Sept. 29, 2014. Residence halls open to students on Sept. 25. The fall quarter ends Dec. 19. Commencement ceremonies typically begin in May and culminate the weekend of June 12-14, 2015. Access to UCLAThe UCLA campus is open to the public and served by public bus lines, taxis and ride services. Bicycles are welcome. Drivers can typically obtain a daily parking permit for $12 at staffed street kiosks. Pay-by-space parking is available on a first-come, f…