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SES Assistant Director | ICES EDUCATION Job Opening | ZipRecruiter

SES Assistant Director | ICES EDUCATION ,long beach, Job Opening | ZipRecruiter:


Maintaining program database that monitor student’s attendance, hours, and paperwork. 
3. Communication with employees, parents, and teachers on a regular basis. 
4. Development of Student Learning Plans based on the individual needs of students.
5. Assist Tutors with weekly development and execution of curriculum. 
6. Collecting and maintaining tutor program documents and files.
7. Properly maintaining and filing student records. 
8. Assisting in the recruitment, hiring, and training of program staff. 
9. Setting clear guidelines and expectations for collecting, auditing, and approving Tutor paperwork.
10. Proactively monitor tutoring sessions to ensure students are progressing and procedures are being followed.
11. Other administrative duties

 ICES EDUCATIONLong Beach, CA Posted 2 days ago in Education ABOUT US: ICES Education has provided quality educational services for over 30 years. ICES provides students…

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