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What is Your Intuition Telling You? - - Gmail

What is Your Intuition Telling You? - - Gmail:


Your Brain on Curcumin

The hallmark process associated with certain types of cognitive decline is the formation in the brain of abnormal protein structures. Normally when malformed proteins are formed with the brain, the immune system sends out cells known as macrophages, which engulf and destroy the proteins. If this ordinary function fails, defective proteins accumulate in the brain and cognitive decline can follow.

That's why I was excited to read that recent research is showing that curcumin encourages the immune system to send macrophages to the brain. A landmark clinical trial involving people with severe cognitive decline measured the effects of curcumin. Amazingly, the participants taking curcumin had significantly higher levels of dissolved abnormal proteins in their blood compared to those in the placebo group.

This study showed that curcumin has the ability to effectively pass…

Cu Eva Kosztinszki si Olga

The old lady, Olga K.  has beginning of Alzheimer's.

cu Eva si Olga Kosztinszki

ID Experts Enrollment - Protecting America from Identity Theft

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ID Experts Enrollment - Protecting America from Identity Theft:

Self-defense ChecklistsProtect Yourself At HomeSwitch to a mailbox with a lock.When you're away from home, place a hold on your mail (online at or with a Hold Mail form at the post office).Use a cross-cut shredder to shred documents containing financial or other personal information.Secure important documents in a safety deposit box or a fire-proof safe hidden at home.Stop newspaper delivery and garbage service if you're leaving town.Set up lights on timers to make your home look occupied when you're away.Have a neighbor you trust keep an eye on your home, and leave a number where you can be reached.Immediately notify the post office and anyone you do business with if you change your address.Place outgoing mail in a post office mail slot or hand it to a postal worker instead of leaving it at your home mailbox for pick-up.Review your credit card, bank account, and …

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