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Biohawk; Against Allergies And Digest Away


are based on the rhizomes of ginger spices from the family

Zingiberaceae, used for millenia in Asia to aid digestion, with the

efficacy of the spices optimized and standardized following many

years of research and development. All people as well as other

animals can benefit from the markedly improved nutritional value

and palatability of the food they eat if they take Biohawk’s special

blend of ginger spices as a daily tonic and/or they use the spices

as an ingredient in their food preparation.

Food intolerance and allergy

When these digestion-resistant proteins have amino acids in the

‘multiple amino acid sequences’ that are able to stimulate the

immune system, the body now sees these proteins as a potential

threat (an ‘antigen’). For those people with particular genes, these

proteins can cause food intolerance and allergy, and lead to very

serious autoimmune diseases. However, the symptoms are only

recognizable after their immune system is sensitized.

Foods made fro…