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Aqua Fit Video - Wellness and Ftness: Google Photos

AQUA FIT IN WOODLAND HILLS: Video - Google Photos:

Castelul Chapultepec, Mexico City, 2014

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The Reverse Culture Shock | Foaie de drum lung

The Reverse Culture Shock | Foaie de drum lung:

The Reverse Culture Shock RepatriațiiThe Reverse Culture ShockDe către  - August 19, 2015 0 24 Nu suntem singurii emigranți pe lumea asta care ne gândim la repatriere, asta este clar. Milioane de expați, din toate colțurile lumii gândesc la fel ca noi, un motiv serios pentru ca The Wall Street Journal să aloce spații consistente acestei teme, în materiale documentate de psihologi cu solide cunoștințe în sfera traumelor provocate de o repatriere.

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CE ESTE ASMR Universitatea - Noutati; Update on Bryson Lochte and his MRI study on ASMR | ASMR University

I started experimenting with ASMR since  2012:

ASMR ResourcesWebsitesASMR Research & Support
     ASMR research and info site created by Jennifer Allen who coined the term “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response”. ASMRYouReady     ASMR website and community with articles, interviews, awards, and videos. ASMR Hub     Website with links to videos sorted by categories, links to over 600 artists sorted by name, audio files, and a blog. ASMR Hub Facebook page     ASMR community, timeline with info and updates, and funny ASMR photos. ASMR subreddit page     ASMR community with video links and discussion threads I Love ASMR Facebook page     ASMR community with news and general chit chat about ASMR WhisperHub      ASMR community and discussion forum

Update on Bryson Lochte and his MRI study on ASMR | ASMR University:



When did you first learn about ASMR?

Bryson, “I randomly found some ASMR videos on YouTube, probably around 2011.  I thought it was interesting at …