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Heal your body With Ginger Root, the natural way!

Natural Healing Magazine – Heal your body the natural way!: Ginger root kills ovarian cancer!

According to the latest research, conducted by group of scientists at the University of Michigan, and thanks to the three centuries of medicinal use of this root, we can now realize that ginger root is killing ovarian and prostate cancer cells, without harming the healthy human cells. This actually means that this super healthy root destroys cancer cells, without the bad side-effects (usually caused by the conventional chemotherapy treatment). Ginger root is absolutely amazing and it’s one of the healthiest foods on the planet. It has been used for treating nausea and inflammation problems. According to the results from the American Association for Cancer Research, the medical experts have found that every time ginger powder was used to treat cancer cells, all cancer cells were destroyed, because they were exposed to this super healthy compound. This eliminating process is also known by the name…

Author's Kit (World Scientific)

Author's Kit (World Scientific):

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The "Angelina Effect", Don't Buy IT, Ladies

Yes, I had a hint when she came out with explanations:

That's why it was just the beginning of a much more tragic development. What Time magazine famously called... "The Angelina Effect" Once the media coverage praising her "preventative surgery" began... the damage was done. Thousands of women followed the celebrity's mogul's lead... opting for dangerous "double mastectomies" that would mutilate, disfigure and scar them. Even if they didn't have breast cancer... And even if their cancer risk was uncertain. Yet for all of the emotional and physical suffering so many women have gone through... The scientific research shows it's done absolutely nothing to help prevent or treat breast cancer. In fact, researchers at Stanford University... Sloan-Kettering... and the University of Michigan recently reached an incredible conclusion: Not only are three-fourths of double mastectomies medically unnecessary... But the procedure does NOT improve — and actual…