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The best food sources of EPA are grass-fed beef - - Gmail

The EPA in Krill Oil is good for YOUR heart.

The best food sources of EPA are grass-fed beef or fatty cold-water fish like salmon, lake trout, sardines, and pollock. But even these are now raised on an unnatural diet and don’t have the EPA they once did. I used to recommend taking fish oil for EPA. But now I’ve found a much better source that’s far more bioavailable than any fish oil ever was. It’s krill oil. The EPA in krill oil is in the “phospholipid” form that penetrates directly into heart cells. I recommend taking at least 500 mg of krill oil EPA per day. 2. Lower this heart-stopping blood fat. Triglycerides are more important to track for your heart health than cholesterol. People with high levels of these fats in the blood have three times the risk of heart disease as people with high LDL levels. One of the best ways to lower triglycerides is to cut out excess, processed sugar from your food. Research presented at a recent annual meeting of the American Heart Association found tha…