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Did I Win? Today, may 10

Did I Win?: "
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Lesson # 2; The To-Be List Is The New To-Do List - Health Coach Institute

The To-Be List Is The New To-Do List - Health Coach Institute PROTOCOL:

"Just for today, forget the old To-Do List packed with all its anxiety-"inducing stuff that makes you want to turn to the Vodka at 9am and pull all your hair out like: Call to get new car insurance that’ll take at least three hours of time I don’t have Do taxes… another year, another tax return.. yay!Pay off credit card after spending a fortune at therapist to discuss financial issuesGet to post office by EOD to mail birthday card to 101-year-old great aunt with deteriorating eyesightReturn shoes to Zappos that look absolutely nothing like they did onlineBuy new vacuum cleaner so I don’t have to sweep every single dayGet new dish washing liquid that doesn’t smell like toilet cleanerPay PG&E so I’m not left blogging by candle lightEtc, etc, etcetera… the modern-day To-Do List is endless…………..So, just for today, how about reframing this list, and instead creating a super simple, clean, refreshing To-Be L…

How To Meditate On An Artichoke - Health Coach Institute

How To Meditate On An Artichoke - Health Coach Institute

SHARE: "If you’ve ever taken the time to steam an artichoke and eat it— leaves, stalk, heart and all—you will know that it takes…time.

And focus.

And dedication.

And patience.

All of these are traits that benefit a meditation practice.

So why not eat a healthy meal and meditate all in one? Yes, an artichoke is so satisfying and nutritious, it’s practically a meal. Artichokes are packed with dietary fiber, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and antioxidants—all the good stuff that can prevent heart disease and cancer.

How to cook an artichoke?

Simple. Steam it or boil it for about 20 minutes depending on its size or until the outer leaves peel off easily. When tasting a leaf, hold it by the thorny side and scrape your teeth down the leaf to get all the goodness off. If it doesn’t scrape off easily, then the artichoke probably still needs more cooking time.

How to eat an artichoke?

All too often people discard the entire choke to get …

Curriculum - Health Coach Institute, The four Pillars

Curriculum - Health Coach Institute:"The Become A Health Coach (BHC) curriculum is designed so you can launch a new, exciting career as a professional health coach in just 6 months from anywhere in the world."

Orientation Pillar 1Nutrition, Health & Wellness Pillar 2Transformational Coaching Skills Pillar 3Personal Growth Pillar 4Proven Marketing & Simple Business Systems Marketing Pillar Super Bonus

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Health Coach Institute I HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Health Coach Institute: "Passion for Health + Desire to Serve = Become A Health Coach"

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