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Academic Tutoring Services; Introduction

My name is Olga M. Lazin-Andrei. I had been a Visiting Scholar at UCLA, since 2001, at the Eduction and Information Department.I earned my PhD in History from UCLA, and worked as a Research Fellow since 2001. I have been teaching History for the past 25 years. I earned my PhD from UCLA in History of Globalization. I also hold an MA in Latin American Studies from UCLA, and I have been mentoring, coaching and Tutoring ever since. My area of Expertise include; American Literature, Writing, Comprehensive Readings, Critical Thinking, in which I have an extended experience with from UCLA. Also, how to write correctly, prep students for exams, write Midterm papers, or Final exams, and for the GRE. I welcome tutoring starting next year, my availability is every day, except Saturday. The hours are from 1PM to 9PM. My Spanish is advanced, and so is my French.

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