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Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil - - Gmail

Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil - - Gmail:

There was so much smoke being blown in Washington on Wednesday you could probably see it from the International Space Station. And it all seemed to come from a single polluter: Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), chair of the House Intelligence Committee. His pants were burning from one end of Pennsylvania Avenue to the other. MORE ON DEMOCRACY & GOVERNMENT ‘There’s a Smell of Treason in the Air’BY MICHAEL WINSHIP | MARCH 21, 2017 Nunes seems to prefer serving the constituency of One Who Temporarily Lives in the White House over paying attention to the American people who need some answers: the facts about Russia’s interference with the 2016 election; about whether or not members of Donald Trump’s campaign team colluded with Russian intelligence to support and encourage that interference; and broadly, what’s up with Donald Trump’s business connections to Russian kleptocrats over the years? And by the way, Mr. President, release tho…