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Nutrition and Good Health Blog: avoid bad capitalists and get your Daily Prunes: by Dr Olga Lazin - Academic Coach Based in Los Angeles, California

Olga Lazin & the Eucalyptus Tree :

Dear readers:

Get lots of fiber ።

EAT PRUNES DAILY: super high in fibre, keeps uyou satiated longer:
Eating just two handfuls of prunes a day can
help a person lose weight, new research suggests
However, if you want to
try it for yourself, you are advised to start with small amounts to minimise
stomach problems the fruit is famous for. Liverpool University
researchers tracked the weight and appetite of 100 overweight and obese men and
women who were given comprehensive dieting advice.
More...dear freiends, 
Once-a-day diet jab lets a woman drop two dress sizes: Drug
could also cut risk of heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer's
Struggling to shift your rolls of fat? White bread may be to
Half were also given
prunes to snack on. The men were asked to
eat 170g a day, around 15 prunes, and the women 140g, or a dozen or so, prunes.
Prunes are high in fibre which means they make
people feel full for a long time
The high sugar
concentration in dried …