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HSI Tip Form | ICE

HSI Tip Form | ICE:

Declaration                                                                   December 10, 2015

My name is Olga M. Andrei.  I met Cezar Andrei in may 2007. He insisted that we get married november 29, 2007 in Beverly Hills, marriage certificate # 19027974. He conned me into marrying him, by making false promises. After our marriage, he stopped working, and moved into my place in Westwood, 440 Veteran Ave. He would not pay rent, as he promised before marriage. Cezar moved in with me right away, and he started using my car without paying insurance for it, and sometimes would disappear for weeks to Romania or Canada. He was not contributing to the rent, and not working; so I had to file for divorce february 4, 2008 with a paralegal.

I went to file for divorce, with a Paralegal, Rudy Sandoval, but Rudy skipped town, so I had to file a police report for grand theft  In february 23, 2009, (enclosed here), and he (the paralegal) failed to submit my divorce paperwork earl…

Salary Negotiation 101 - HomePay

Salary Negotiation 101 - HomePay:

323 432 0005

Salary Negotiation 101Having the "money talk" is never easy, but we're here to help. One thing’s for sure–talking about money can be awkward. The family that wants to hire you is trying to stay on budget, but you also have to think of your living expenses. On top of that, as a full-time caregiver, the conversation only starts with your pay! Professional pay also includes factoring in extra cost to help you qualify for benefits like unemployment coverage, Social Security income, Medicare coverage and more. If you think you're ready to talk with your employer, our sample email to families can be a good place to start. Or, just keep reading to get more information! The BasicsWhether you’ve already found a job or you’re still looking, it’s important to know the going rate in your area—and how that compares to what you think is fair. You can use our calculator to get a better idea of what other caregivers are being paid.…