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Choose Happiness; What is Ego? - YouTube

How to Set Boundaries in relationships: control your attention, decide to be happy: there are no wounds to get pushed: I don't want to be around people who abuses me; i might love him just the same, but no point in putting myself in the line of fire. I use boundaries now:

Extracted & Published on Mar 6, 2013 from: A small example about Boundaries from Relationship Course at 

Learning how to create, and then not need boundaries in your life.

What is Ego? - YouTube: A very clever opponent,never ending. IS OUR COMPANION FOR LIFE

Let go of desires:


3. HAPPINESS, LOVE, respect or MISERY, Illusions, Injustice & Chaos

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Abdicate YOUR Power: Pathway to Happiness Members Content

Self-Mastery , The Observer-Self. ABDICATE YOUR POWER, in Core believes Power over your own emotions, how to un-hypnotise yourself
From: Pathway to Happiness Members Content:

HUMILITY, ROOTS OF DALAI LAMA Psychology, Listen to:

Abdication of Power       : Transcript
“Abdication” means a formal renouncing. It means to formally give up and it's mostly used in kind of royalty terms when we abdicate the throne, abdicate a place of importance. Abdication has to do with giving up power over our emotional state, a formal renouncing. And we often make comments or commentary that create a story. In this session we'll talk about one particular kind of story where we give up a lot of power over our emotional state. What's critical about this story is that whenever we say words to accomplish this feat of abdicating power, those words form a whole imagery in our he…

Transcript Jonathan Haidt: The moral roots of liberals and conservatives | Talk Video |

Jonathan Haidt: The moral roots of liberals and conservatives | Talk Video | Transcript

Suppose that two American friends are traveling together in Italy.They go to see Michelangelo's "David,"and when they finally come face to face with the statue,they both freeze dead in their tracks.The first guy -- we'll call him Adam --is transfixed by the beauty of the perfect human form.The second guy -- we'll call him Bill --is transfixed by embarrassment, at staring at the thing there in the center.So here's my question for you:which one of these two guys was more likely to have voted for George Bush,which for Al Gore? 0:41I don't need a show of handsbecause we all have the same political stereotypes. We all know that it's Bill.And in this case, the stereotype corresponds to reality.It really is a fact that liberals are much higher than conservativeson a major personality trait called openness to experience.People who are high in openness to experiencej…