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All Mail - - Gmail:   RADIO UNIREA

Grupo de voluntarios franceses que combaten junto a separatistas prorrusos en Ucrania

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Pace Express Day 1 Workout Sample - YouTube; P.A.C.E. & Democracy

Pace Express Day 1 Workout Sample - YouTube:
Dear Reader, hereby we present some videos on how to exercise to prolong your TELOMERE. Last week a popular newsletter mentioned me on a list of the world’s top integrative medicine doctors. They even had a little paragraph that mentioned I’m well known for my work in fitness and exercise. I’m happy people know me for showing people how the right kind of exertion can increase heart and lung power, and has helped thousands of people lose fat and regain their metabolism. But there’s another reason why I’m happy to let people know about the right kind of exertion: It’s good for your brain. Let me give you just one example of what I’m talking about. In a study from the University of California, San Francisco, researchers looked at results from clinical trials on 163,797 people. Buried in the middle of it is an incredible number: Those who got the least physical activity had an 82% higher rate of Alzheimer’s disease.1 Excess plaques, proteins an…