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My Job Fall 2015 to Fall 2-16; The Country School in North Hollywood| History and Social Studies

The Country School | History and Social Studies:  ROUTE LINE 761 (Metropolitan Center,) gotta change buses. Bus ROUTE WESTWOOD TO VALLEY VILLAGE VIA 788. LA 5243 CANYON, ZIP 91607, in North HOLLYWOOD. Gardes 6, 7, 8. Tel; 323 304 2298. Independent Schools Westwood.

TCS IS LOCATED:North of the 101 Freeway, 1 Block South of Chandler Blvd, 1/2 block North of Magnolia Blvd

 Using the Glencoe California Series textbooks as organizing principles, the classes move chronologically through world history, from the earliest evidence of mankind to the current day.  With role-playing exercises we emphasize historical empathy and give the students opportunities to imagine the world from numerous cultural perspectives. The program is built to develop an awareness of our culture in context and the understanding that every civilization is, at least in part, a product of its time and geographic perspective.

The curriculum is differentiated, creating opportunities for stud…