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Content Creation: The ILT Method; Google+

Google+: "invest into it, learning it, teaching it, good one!"
1. invest into it, learning it, teaching it, good one!

2. Outsource it & use   $10 per article;

3. automatic posting

4. spinning/push a button and spin it into a brand new article.

5. the syndication

6. description section;


ScorpioYour January Money Horoscope is exciting, spontaneous and a bit unpredictable, and that can make you uncomfortable. How do you use this energy? When you find an opportunity that looks lucrative, use your intuition to tell you if it’s right for you. If it is, swoop down on it. You create, manifest and acquire monetary opportunities with ease. Capricorn This is your season, so it just makes sense that this would be your most promising Money Horoscope of the year so far. Several planets, including an inspiring New Moon on the 20th, are huddled in your house of money (aka Aquarius).  PiscesWhile Venus is in Aquarius (also your twelfth house of secrets), it would no…