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Bank of America| Online Banking| Account Balance History

Bank of America| Online Banking| Account Balance History:

Mike, here is the STATEMENT:

BofA Core Checking - 0430

This screen provides a historical snapshot of your transactions as recorded during nightly processing (Monday through Friday, except holidays). You can see how and why your balance changed over time, and when a change may have triggered a fee. Any transaction that resulted in a fee will be indicated by a "Fee Triggered" message. A total of 93 days of transaction history is available here. Newest | Next | PreviousTransactions Print this viewof the Activity table DateDescription$Amount$Available Balance History layer$Statement Balance layer--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ending balance - 10/05/2015------------------------------------- -$3,222.7410/05/2015RETURNED ITEM CHARGEBACK FEE-12.00-3,222.74