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The Invasion of the "Body Snatchers" is Here…And it's Coming from Inside Your Own House!   Electronics & chemicals list

This Invisible Menace is Linked to PMS... 
Infertility... Unbearable Pain... and WORSE

Now You Can Stop It DEAD In Its Tracks.

Swinging from raging to weeping uncontrollably… Fighting a losing battle with belly fat… Staring at your alarm clock for hours in the middle of the night… Curling up in agony with cramps… Getting knocked out with blinding migraines…

If any of this sound like YOU, then you may already be a victim of the "body snatchers."

You're not alone in this battle. Every week, I see more and more women come into my Wellness Center as patients with similar symptoms.

They arrive feeling defeated and discouraged. Many of them have already tried multiple treatments with little relief. They know they're too young to feel THIS worn out.

At times it feels like your body has been taken over. Like someone or something has snatched your sense of wellbeing and replaced it with anxiety, pain, and pure chaos.

But this is NOT what your grandmother went through.

And It's Definitely NOT Menopause!
Yet, when you link the symptoms all together, it looks eerily similar to it.
Which is why these patients come to me having already tried everything from hormone therapies from the OB/GYN… to antidepressants and talk therapy from a psychotherapist… to low-calorie eating plans from a nutritionist… and not one of these treatment solves all of their puzzling symptoms.
However, many report that once they start the protocol that I offer in my Wellness Center, nearly all of their symptoms have improved or completely disappear… in just a couple of weeks.
It's not a miracle cure or a magic pill. It's simply adding an essential element of female health that is so radically deficient in many women's bodies today. As soon as you start this natural remedy, you can kill off the effects that these "body snatchers" have on you.
But why have so many women fallen victim to this epidemic in the first place?
'Aliens' Invaded Our Planet –And Now They're Snatching ‘Womankind'Over the past decade, I've noticed a huge change in the health of my female patients. I see women in their 20's and 30's that have difficulty getting pregnant when they should be able to conceive with little trouble.
Mothers tell me that their young daughters are hitting puberty before they reach their teens – some as young as age 8. And older patients appear to be aging faster.
It's all linked to the growth in these "alien body snatchers." They arrive disguised in items that we use every day.
It doesn't help that many of us have been told for years that they are completely harmless. Which is why many of us still interact with them on a daily basis. They're invisible, and they're difficult to detect.
The Aliens Are Everywhere –
In Your Home, On Your Body, Even In Your Food!
The environment that we live in hardly resembles the one that our grandmothers knew as young women. And it's largely due to the explosive growth in the chemical industry since the middle of the 20th century.
The numbers are mind-boggling.
Chemical companies in the U.S. hold licenses to manufacture more than 75,000 chemicals for commercial use. And on top of that figure, the Federal Government registers an average of 2,000 newly synthesized chemicals each year.1
We're completely overexposed. Chemicals are used in all kinds of consumer products that we use daily. And because they are sold in our local neighborhood stores, we automatically assume they are safe.
You can find all kinds of chemicals in:
Fragrances in shampoos and soaps
Synthetic materials used in clothing and packaged goods
Plastics made into electronics, toys, vehicles, and household items
Coatings on paper receipts and printed materials
And even in the linings of food containers – like canned goods
By introducing so many new chemicals into our environment, we have inadvertently changed what is actually going into our bodies.
Now, it's not just food and water that we're consuming, it's also chemicals from packaging. We use soaps, shampoos, cosmetics and chemicals that are absorbed through our skin. We take our change from a purchase, and we're handed a receipt full of chemicals.
Lifelong exposure to industrial chemicals builds up over time—so you may have traces of hundreds of different chemicals in your body.2
Here's the worst part. Many of these chemicals have a molecular structure that looks exactly like the hormone estrogen. And you body can't tell the difference!
Your environment has thrown you a serious curveball. This is not the same world your mother and grandmother grew up in.
Here's the problem…
You simply can't escape all the artificial estrogens in this industrialized world.
Even if your body is not producing as much estrogen as it used to, these unnatural mimics make it react like it is loaded with estrogen.
Skyrocketing estrogen can wreck your hormonal balance, and it can send your body into chaos.
Your progesterone level gets completely overwhelmed. You simply don't make enough progesterone to balance the artificial estrogen overload.
As a result, your hormones go out of control. That is when your night sweats, mood swings, and intense PMS symptoms can get extreme.
Symptoms of low progesterone and too much estrogen can include:
Low sex drive
Vaginal dryness
Mood swings
Weight changes
Dry skin
It doesn't seem fair. As you get older, your progesterone and estrogen levels are supposed to go down together naturally.
But in this toxic world, your progesterone still goes to almost zero, but the environment has you so loaded with "fake estrogen" that estrogen becomes very dominant.
That intensifies and amplifies the symptoms normally associated with menopause.
Your night sweats, mood swings, weight gain, hot flashes, and depressed mood are far greater than your mother or any generation before her experienced.
How Just One "Alien" Can Control Your Body
and Steal Your Femininity…
Just consider what happens with the exposure to just one chemical you've likely heard of – Bisphenol A, or more commonly known as BPA. It is used to make rigid plastics for consumer products, including food and drink containers, and epoxy coatings that line food and beverage cans.
BPA also acts like synthetic estrogen in your body. Once this 'alien estrogen' invades, it acts quickly and disrupts the natural functioning of your hormones and your cells.
It can be difficult for your body to expel, too. Since it is a foreign toxin, it will often get stored in your fat as waste. Now this ‘alien estrogen' is stuck in your body and continually wreaking havoc on your system.
The GOOD news is that you can take control of your health and balance your hormones naturally. The key is in choosing to use what nature intended.
Stomp Out "Alien Estrogens"
by Adding What Your Body Craves…
Ever notice how pregnant women have that radiant "glow?"
Despite carrying around an extra 20 pounds, which can cause back aches and restless sleep, many mothers-to-be have bright eyes, clear skin, and a blissful look.
This is healthy hormonal balance in action.
In pregnancy, progesterone levels soar, and this is what gives pregnant women the "glow."
Progesterone is especially critical in helping your body use fat efficiently, supporting a healthy thyroid, supporting blood sugar, and helping you feel calm and uplifted.3
When you age, the opposite happens. Typically in your late 30's or early 40's, your body's progesterone levels will drop off, while your estrogen levels may stay the same or increase.
This imbalance causes the typical symptoms associated with menopause – the hot flashes, mood swings, loss of desire, and weight gain around the waist and thighs.
Now, because of this overexposure to chemicals – especially to BPA – many women are inadvertently slipping into a pre-menopause state way before they normally would.
That is just one of many reasons why it is so critical to stomp out these ‘alien estrogens' and reclaim your body and your health – your femininity depends on it. And so does your ability to fight off chronic and life-threatening health concerns.
For the first time, you can get my brand-new formula, Pure Radiance - Harmony, and start balancing your hormone levels naturally today.
Harmony is a Unique Blend
Most Doctors Don't Think of Using
Harmony is a natural progesterone cream that used to only be available to patients who came to my Wellness Center. It is bio-identical to the progesterone you naturally produce so it works with no side effects or unnatural consequences.
Bio-identical means "biologically identical," or the same thing your body produces naturally. In other words, it's not synthetic and it's not a chemical.
Having treated so many patients with wonderful results, and knowing how many women are suffering because of 'alien estrogens,' I knew I had to make it available to as many women as possible.
Harmony contains 10 milligrams of natural progesterone. It is enough for you to quickly notice a difference if you are deficient, yet it's safe enough for even a pregnant woman to use.
But just getting more natural progesterone is not enough.
There is another key hormone you have probably never heard of. It's called pregnenolone and it helps  balance your other hormones.
Pregnenolone is what makes my Harmony formula so unique and different than any other natural progesterone cream.
This hormone helps relieve the extreme symptoms brought on by estrogen dominance.
It is the combination of these two ingredients — natural progesterone and pregnenolone — that makes my Harmony go beyond any other hormone balancing natural progesterone solution.
Pregnenolone: The Anti-Aging Marvel
That Boosts Energy and Reduces Stress
The combination of natural progesterone and pregnenolone is what truly makes Harmony the "feel good" therapy women respond to.
This natural hormone is already found in your body, and it is the raw material for producing many of the hormones that control stress and adaptation.
You might think of pregnenolone as the "mother" hormone, needed to make all the others. And when your levels are up, it feels like you're "coming home." So it gives you that feeling of being protected and nurtured.
Pregnenolone enhances the one-of-a-kind Harmony formula with its energy boosting, stress reducing, face-lifting  power. People use pregnenolone to improve energy, wellbeing, sexual enjoyment and libido.
Pregnenolone can help relieve feeling "down in the dumps," heal skin disorders, reduce PMS, and ease the symptoms of menopause. 4
When you are in a low progesterone situation, estrogen and cortisone can be dangerous, but when there is an abundance of pregnenolone their side effects are prevented or minimized. 5
Many people have also noticed that pregnenolone has a "face-lifting" action.  This effect seems to be produced by the improvement in circulation to the skin and by an actual contraction of some muscle-like cells in the skin. 6
Another major benefit of having more pregnenolone is that it helps your body produce more progesterone. (Remember, it's the "mother" of these other hormones.)
And as you've discovered, progesterone is the true hero at relieving the intense and extreme hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain, night sweats, and other disturbing symptoms of pre-menopause and menopause.
The combination of natural progesterone and pregnenolone is what makes Harmony radically different than any other progesterone cream.
But I did not stop there. There's even more you can do.
I also added a unique combination of natural herbs and oils that enhance the effectiveness of the progesterone and stimulate your body to reboot itself.
Ancient Herbal Remedies and Progesterone
Reboot and Support Your Hormones
Through my travels, I have come across many healing herbs that support the body's healing ability for one system without disrupting other functions or systems. In Harmony, I've found that these herbs support women's healthy hormonal balance:
Sarsaparilla (Smilax officinalis) is an aromatic root tonic native to Central and South America. It is rich in plant compounds called saponins that your body uses to make its own hormones. It may also act as an aphrodisiac and boost libido. 7
Dong Quai (Angelica sinensis), known as "female ginseng," is one of the most useful female tonic herbs. It supports normal hormone production, and it strengthens the uterus. 8
Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens) is a berry that is typically used by men to support the prostate gland. But it is also used for women to firm sagging breast tissue. 9
Cramp Bark Extract (Viburnum opulus), is an effective remedy for relaxing the uterine muscles and for remedying painful and difficult menstruation. 10
Rosemary Extract (Rosmarinus officinalis) has long been known as a memory aid, but it also has a tonic effect on the nervous system, and it is excellent for circulation and supporting the heart. 11
I chose to add all of these natural herbs to my formula because they have been used for centuries to support healthy hormonal balance in women. They are the remedies nature provided to help keep us well.
Through years of learning about healing methods used by traditional cultures, I've realized that many of the remedies for common ailments are already found in nature. You just need to understand the wisdom of the plants – or know someone who can lead to you to the natural remedy.
So, whenever I am looking for a real healing solution to a health issue, I always ask myself: Is there a natural remedy that can heal this issue? What did nature intend to happen? What did it create for us to use?
In this case, I realized that a natural remedy would not only help women heal more effectively, it would also be safer. And here's why…
Unnatural Hormone Treatments Can Have Side Effects…
I tell my patients to avoid synthetic forms of progesterone like what is used in birth control pills and many forms of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).  These synthetic progestins are not molecularly identical to the hormones found naturally in your body.
That is why the drug companies can patent and monopolize them, but it is also why they can have negative side effects.
The bio-identical natural progesterone I use in Harmony matches the molecular structure of the progesterone your body makes naturally.
When you're overloaded with 'alien estrogens,' the real missing link is progesterone. Natural forms of this hormone help you maintain all of the features of good health that you may be missing right now: helping you burn fat… balancing your moods… boosting your desire… protecting against some cancers… even building your bones.
In Wellness Centeral trials, natural progesterone helps protect against bone loss.12 It also proved to help reduce menopause symptoms.13 And research also shows that natural progesterone improves insulin sensitivity in aging women, and supports normal blood sugar.14
When you use what nature intended, your body can heal itself. Once you give it what it needs, your cells have a miraculous capacity for repair and renewal.
And that's why I formulated Harmony with natural progesterone, pregnenolone, and healing herbs: to offer you an effective, healthy solution that  works naturally with your own hormonal system.
Reclaim Your Natural Feminine Curves
And Vibrant Health With Harmony
Vibrant health is your birthright – and you deserve to feel healthy, happy, and feminine.
But keeping your hormones balanced does more than help you feel good. It is crucial for staying healthy as you get older.
When your hormones are chronically out of balance, you are at much greater risk for developing health concerns.
I've seen hormonal health issues rise to epidemic proportions, and I don't want to see any more women suffering needlessly. That's why I'm offering Harmony to you today.
To celebrate the release of Harmony – and to help you effectively stomp out 'alien estrogens' for good – I'm giving you this special offer.
Bonus gift
If you take my Ultimate Deal – VIP Auto Ship and order 3 bottles of Harmony, you'll save 25% and get FREE shipping for as long as you take Harmony.
PLUS I'll include a Bonus Gift – my best-selling ebook: Reset Your Biological Clock. The secrets in my book will help you look younger, feel younger and grow younger as you age.
No matter what your age, in just a few short weeks, you can repair your skin's DNA and rejuvenate your delicate skin tissue at the cellular level, adding decades of youth and vibrancy to your face.
Plus, you'll learn how easy it is to:
Show a more luminous face to the world. Nourish your skin with antioxidant-rich foods, lotions and moisturizers. Discover the top five antioxidants that will help keep your skin looking younger, smoother and wrinkle-free. Page 41
Quench your thirsty skin. A loss of this naturally occurring molecule may be the reason our skin changes as we age. Discover the ultimate skin hydrator that defeats loose, dry and wrinkled skin. Page 49
Zap the aging effects of the sun. Destroy the destructive free radicals that form when sunlight hits your skin and power up your immune system at the same time. Discover the easiest way to give your skin a radiant glow. Page 51
Your skin is the largest organ of your body. When it's maintained properly with effective skincare, it can lead to an overall healthier and younger lifestyle.
My Unconditional, Money-Back
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not satisfied for any reason … or for no reason at all … you may contact us at any time and receive a full and prompt product refund of every penny you paid.
You never have to worry about quality or performance with the Pure Radiance 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.
Whatever you decide, any bonus gifts received are yours to keep free, without further cost or obligation of any kind. That way, you risk nothing.
Try Harmony Today And Save Yourself From The "Alien Body Snatchers"
I developed Harmony using the exact formula that I have been offering women visiting my Wellness Center who are experiencing the severe effects of 'alien estrogens'.
In just a couple of weeks after starting the Harmony protocol, many of them report that they notice some dramatic changes in the way they look and feel.
They tell me things like…
yes -  No more night sweats…
yes  -- Hot flashes gone…
yes My energy is through the roof…
yes Nothing irritates me…
yes I sleep through the night…
yes My migraines are gone…
yes I’m back "in the mood”…
yes My waistline is getting thinner…
Harmony helps restore balance to your hormones and ultimately your life. It can make you feel better, look younger, and live happier and more upbeat.
Now, you can recapture the thriving health that you expect as a woman – your naturally curvy figure, a healthy sex drive, and regular periods without severe cramping or discomfort. With healthy hormone balance, you'll notice that you have more energy and be able to sleep better.
And you'll feel like your younger self again.
To Your Good Health,
Dr. Sears' Signature image
Al Sears, MD" 

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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