The new Facebook Application for Mobile Devices can "listen" to Our ambient sounds through the microphone

Snowden was perfectly right when he decided to expose the NSA heavy surveillance on the entire global population.

Even Facebook has become a network handed over on a plate by Zuckerberg to the CIA & FBI to infiltrate and hunt down all type of people.

The new FB application, already embedded in your iphone, or Android, for example can pick up conversations we are having, or music we are listening to. Literally turns on automatically, even if the phone is shut down, and is recording your ambient.

A new feature added to Facebook  is an application for mobile users everywhere stirs  a lot of anger. Concerned that it might be spied at any time by phone or tablet microphone, some of them staged and a petition asking the removal  of a tool considered unnecessary anyway.
Introduced as a communication aid for mood detection, the new feature allows Facebook application for iOS and Android device to activate the microphone to listen to the sounds around you. Facebook identifies  even the music played in the room, displaying the name of the song as status message visible to your social networks &  friends.
The new Facebook application for mobile devices can "listen" to the microphone devices

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Predictably, the facility introduced as an optional feature that can be

activated from the menu displeases a large number of users skeptical

about the good faith of the American company and its promise to use it responsibly.

 We do not like to be spied on anyways; 95% of the time we are being

video'd anyways here in the United States.
Meanwhile, motivated more by financial and negative publicity than

 concern for user privacy, Microsoft announced that the Kinect 

accessory will cease to provide the required equipment  to 

purchase Xbox One. 
Similarly, Microsoft Kinect accessory has been severely criticized for its operation always-on, with repertoire camcorder microphones and infrared sensor activated permanently. Unfortunately, the decision by Microsoft does not seem to worry too much Facebook administrators, who choose to disregard the concerns expressed so far by users. Facebook's disregard for people's privacy is gross; shame on them, again and again.

EDWARD SNOWDEN would not like this ።

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