A most wanted man - Great movie & POETRY

I have taught French, English, and ESL for 32 years, the past 29 in
Cal State universities & Colleges. I love helping students open their eyes,
ears, and hearts to the beauty of the
language so that they can better
understand and communicate. The best way to learn a new language is through
real-life experiences, so I like to use everything from food, songs, games,
objects, walking field trips in our community, and trips to France to help
students learn language and culture. I will work with students and their own
assignments or can supply other materials to make their lessons worthwhile.

Learn about the tests; SAT now CAT.


A most wanted man - Google Search:

'via Blog this' THE TOMCAT, author, American poet: I Know What the Free Bird Feels As this bird After so long took jauntily to the sky Once again He held his head high in triumph After so long being confined and contained He soars gratefully Majestically through the air For perpetually he fell contemplating Why not? Having been in despair Imprisoned so long It's all he knew Today gravity shall not take him Euphoria is counter-intuitive And he falls up into the clouds This bird did smile then, at such a wondrous epiphany Freedom The torment was over Replaced with magnificent opportunity No longer will his song remain unheard The melody of vindication has permeated his body and soul His relief a sigh A new song fills his heart"

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