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PROFMEX BRAND APPLICATION: Amazon Brand Registry Enrollment Request - Amazon Seller Central:

Company website:
What is the website URL that we can visit to view your company's products?
Company description:
What is your company's business? Include any relevant information to help us validate your company’s connection to this brand.
Do you list products in the BMVD or Collectibles categories?
How do you upload your listings?
Brands that your company represents and wants to enroll:
IMPORTANT: Please do not input individual product titles or part numbers, just the brand name under which they are sold.
Click 'Add a Brand' to list the brands that you want to enroll in this program.

Amazon Brand Registry Enrollment Request > Enter brand information.
Condition of your products:
What is your company's connection to this brand?
Additional details on your company's brand:
Provide any additional details that are relevant to your company's connection to this brand.
Does your company design its own products for this brand?  
Do you have a trademark for your brand?
Do you have branded packaging for your products?
Does your company have a logo for this brand?
Does your company have Universal Product Codes, International Article Numbers, or Japanese Article Numbers (UPCs, EANs, or JANs) for your products?
In which category or categories do you list your products? (If you've never listed before, in which category or categories will you list your products?)
Select the key attribute type you will use to uniquely identify all of your products. Select only one key attribute type.

Note that to participate in the Amazon Brand Registry, you are required to provide a unique value of the selected key attribute type when you list each of your products on Amazon.

Ideally the unique key attribute value for each product would be visible on your product, packaging, or website, or in your catalog. Don't use UPC, EAN, or JAN unless no other suitable option is available for your products.
To help us associate your product with your brand, we require the following photos for enrollment in the Amazon Brand Registry. Please upload:

  • A photo clearly showing your brand(s) physically branded on your product and/or packaging.
  • IMPORTANT: We do not accept computer-generated images of logos, since these can be easily manipulated.

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