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This Blog today is about having a balanced Lifestyle: being happy and losing weight which is so damaging to one's heart: 

Subject: Happiness and Weight-loss, Be Happy When Losing Weight 07/19 by Passionate Women Online | Jobs Podcasts

and B.
Balanced Life Institute Deal - Westside / South Bay: Amazon Local:

Lifestyle in Los Angeles, this one is on Wilshire Blvd, and corner street 12th.

Gotta try IT.

B. Interview with Dr JAMES W WILKIE, PRESIDENT of PROFMEX on the Morelia event we have organized in Mexico, state of Michoacán.

c. Cute kid playing golf in the park.

D. HOLMBY PARK is a golf park. This Jeep is my favorite car, good looking for rough terrain, and the right color to compliment it.

E. Prayers recited by Brandy Blackburn: good husband & good job :-)

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