California State University, Los Angeles -

California State University, Los Angeles -

October 29, 2014.

dear readers:

Every time I step up in my business and take a chance on myself, something strange happens: A voice pops into my head.She is angry. She yells at me: She yelled at me when I hired my first Virtual Assistant.

She yelled at me when I got my first coach.  She yelled at me when I bought my office.

But here's the thing.

Each time I took action in spite of that voice in my head - I succeeded beyond my wildest expectations.

That's the power of the Entrepreneurial Wealth Mindset.

And it's the thing that the money gurus never talk about.

As business owners, you and I have a slightly different set of rules around our money and our wealth. So, it's important to undo some of the old rules, and install some new rules for new mindsets.

That's exactly why I'm giving you a bonus gift The Wealth Attractor Pack with my newBecoming 360 program.

The Attractor Pack consists of two trainings on wealth mindsets.

In the first training (audio) you'll learn how to recognize some of the seemingly small ways we trap ourselves in negative money conversations - and what to do to change that pattern.

In the second training (video) you'll see me teaching LIVE on the keys to building your own wealth as an entrepreneur. (Plus, I share some confessions of my own path, which wasn't exactly easy!)

But the deadline to grab this gift with my Becoming 360program is about to go away!

If you sign up for Becoming 360 before 12 midnight Eastern Time TODAY, you'll get Instant Access to the Wealth Attractor Pack. After that, it goes away forever...

7 weeks of training, 7 Q&A Group calls with me, Private Facebook Forum Support Group, Instant Insight tools, Lifetime Access, a special bonus - Business Accelerator Pack, AND now the Wealth Attractor Pack....

Wow, what could be better than that.

p.s. This was an "in-the-moment" offer on yesterday's livestream. That means you won't see it listed among the bonuses.

But you'll get instant access to the Wealth Attractor Pack the minute you sign up! Enjoy!

p.p.s. - You'll notice on the registration page that I offer a "Leap-and-the-Net-Will-Appear" 21-day guarantee. I do that because I don't want there to be any barriers to your trying this out. 

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