Reverse AGING: Order Niagen™

For rejuvenation:  Order Niagen™: or B3
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The upside;boosts energy levels, lowers cholesterol.  Feeling better during work-out, better sleep, decrease muscle soreness.

downside: none. Maybe sluggishness

Real Age Reversal From Within

Feeling tired and getting sick may be symptoms of aging. As studies have shown, aging may be reversed by raising levels of NAD+. Niagen™ has a host of benefits including increased energy, brain health, muscle endurance, increased metabolism, and the feeling of being young again.

Here are just some of the benefits you may experience:

Healthy Aging

  • Acts as an NAD+ precursor and a Sirtuin activator, improving mitochondrial activity to improve intracellular communication. [Study]
  • Promotes healthy mitochondrial function, which is an important component in human aging.

Cardiovascular Health

  • As an NAD+ precursor, it’s been shown to support healthy cholesterol levels induced by a high-fat diet.[Study]

Brain Health

  • May support cellular health in the brain by providing an additional safeguard against axonal degeneration.
  • Maintains neuronal cell health for a sharper mind, better concentration, and improved memory.

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Scientist Behind The Benefits of NAD+ Named One Of Time's "100 Most Influential People"
"The geneticist who is making age reversal real"
- Time magazine
"Now researchers at the University of New South Wales have pinpointed the communication breakdown [between the cell nucleus and the mitochondria] as the cause of aging."
"As we age, levels of the initial chemical NAD decline. Without sufficient NAD...this loss of communication reduces the cell's ability to make energy, and signs of aging and disease become apparent...By administering a molecule naturally produced by the human body, scientists restored the communication."
"We need to change our view of what's old. What we need to convey is that we're prolonging health and youthfulness... So that an 80-year-old can still play tennis and hang out with their great-grandkids... With no pain or suffering that plague many people even before their 80's."

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