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Who Is Eligible for Social Security Retirement Benefits? How Many Quarters Does One Need to Work, 10 Years | ElderLawAnswers

Who Is Eligible for Social Security Retirement Benefits? | ElderLawAnswers:

It’s your responsibility to notify Social Security when you become a U.S. citizen or your immigration status changes. Visit our website or call 1-800-772-1213 for a Social Security office in your area

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This month is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with breast cancer that has metastasized or is inoperable, you or they may qualify for expedited Social Security disability benefits under our Compassionate Allowances program.

The amount of earnings it takes to earn a credit has changed since 1978. In the year 2014, you must earn $1,200 in covered earnings to get one Social Security or Medicare work credit and $4,800 to get the maximum four credits for the year.
Note: You do not earn credits for pension payments or for interest or dividends on savings and investments. You do not pay Social Security tax on that kind of income.
During your lifetime, you probably will earn more credits than the minimum number you need to be eligible for benefits. These extra credits do not increase your benefit amount. Your average earnings over your working years determine how much your monthly payment will be.
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  • THE 
  • TICKET TO WORK PROGRAM Beneficiaries can choose to use their Ticket because the TTW program is free and voluntary
  • There is no need to worry if a Ticket is lost since the actual Ticket is not required to participate
  • The TTW program helps people to access vocational rehabilitation, training, and placement services
  • A combination of work incentives can be used to explore work options and still receive benefits
  • If a work attempt is unsuccessful, beneficiaries can get back on Social Security benefits

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Beware of phone scams!

If someone calls you claiming to be from Social Security, don’t provide your personal info without first contacting us to verify that we really are trying to contact you. It could be an identity thief phishing for your personal information.
Call Social Security’s toll-free number at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778).
If you receive a suspicious call, report it here.

"Who Is Eligible for Social Security Retirement Benefits?


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