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How YOU Get Paid, Raising an invoice – Helpdesk

Raising an invoice – Helpdesk:


How Do I Get Paid On PeoplePerHour?

Getting paid on PPH for Job Done is completed in four simple steps:

  1. When you have completed the work on the Job or Hourlie as agreed with your Buyer you raise an Invoice in the WorkStream
  2. Your invoice will get sent to your Buyer for payment, which includes them releasing any money held in Escrow up to the invoiced amount.
  3. When the invoice has been paid by the Buyer the payment to your PPH wallet will be processed and undergo some security checks.    The status of your invoice will appear as pending when it has been paid by your Buyer and is being processed by PPH.  Typically this processing takes a matter of hours or even minutes but it can occasionally take up to 3 working days.  
  4. Once the funds have been transferred to your PPH wallet, you can either spend the money from your PPH wallet directly on PPH (for example, to purchase services yourself or to buy more proposal credits) or withdraw the funds to your PayPal or a bank account.  




What Is Escrow And How Does It Work?

When a Buyer purchase an Hourlie service or accepts a custom job proposal; they are asked to pay funds into an Escrow account.  These funds are held in the Escrow account until the job has finished, the Seller raises an invoice, and the Buyer confirms they are happy that the job has completed and pays the invoice.
As a Seller, the Escrow facility provides you with security before you start working.  We advise that, for small jobs or where you have no record working with the Buyer, you request either all the funds be put in escrow or agree to milestones, which need the payments pre-funded to escrow (as a deposit) before you start work on each milestone.
Please note: you do not need to raise an invoice for each milestone. All you need is to ensure that the funds are in place by requesting a deposit. It is usually best you complete the Job and invoice for the whole lot in one go in the end.

Find out more:
  • Requesting an Escrow deposit
  • Raising an invoice
  • Requesting Escrow Deposit
  • Before starting any work on PPH for a particular Buyer we always encourage Sellers to ensure that there are funds in the Escrow account.     Buyers are automatically asked to pay funds into Escrow when they purchase your Hourlie (the amount deposited is the full price of the Hourlie) and when they accept your Proposal for custom Jobs (the amount of deposit that you specify in your Proposal).    

  • Additionally, if you have already invoiced the Buyer for some completed work and released the original funds from the Escrow account, before you start any further work you may want to ask the Buyer to pay another deposit into the Escrow account. 


  • How to Request Deposit

  • 1.  In the WorkStream with your Buyer select "Request Deposit" from the available actions in the bottom right-hand corner

  • 2. Enter the deposit amount requested

  • 3. Select Send.
  • Withdrawing Money From My PPH Wallet

    When you have funds in your PPH Wallet you can either choose to leave them there for buying additional proposal credits or even buying services yourself, or you can withdraw them to your PayPal or bank account.
    To withdraw funds from your wallet simply use the Withdraw Withdrawl Funds link you will find in your Payments section.   Your withdrawal will then be processed within 1 working day by PPH, your bank may then add additional processing times - find out more here.

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